SQL Server 2017: Adaptive Query Processing     

These days, Adaptive Query Processing     (AQP) is being widely used as an answer to the glitches of query optimization and implementation, irrespective of whether the data is logged on in the vicinity, from the Web, or in a continuous stream.  

SQL Server 2017 Adaptive Query Processing

One of the most multifaceted and refined part of SQL Server is definitely the SQL Server Query Processing Engine as it is accountable to a lot of tasks. On the other hand, the utmost significant thing of this engine is to design the query implementation plot and implement it in a superlative and most effective way. The features present in SQL Server 2017 make it really unique, as it is fast, has built-in capabilities, simple and online and sets the standard for swiftness and performance. SQL Server allows the developers to discover and fix performance regressions inevitably. On the whole, it is a database engine that is fast, built-in with the authority to measure, and even quicker when taking benefit of advanced technologies. 

 The fresh adaptive query processing feature family in SQL Server 2017 presents few parts for becoming accustomed to your application workload features. They are:  

 Batch Mode Adaptive Joins  

  • Interleaved Executions  
  • Batch Mode Memory Grant Feedback  

 By using them, this engine executes to the requirements of all kinds of workloads gaining access to data. It is definitely the first database with AI built-in; you can now run your production assignments on the podium of your choice bringing productivity and ease to your innovation. 


With so many enhancements, SQL Server 2017 is certainly a great transformation in SQL Server. It has definitely made the life of designers, developers and managers a lot easier. And this is just the beginning. Here, the outcomes are quicker requests and optimized resource consumption.  

In a nutshell, SQL Server 2017 brings to the database arcade a distinctive set of features and promptness. It is an engine that is responsible for automation and become accustomed to keep you fast and pitched. It is definitely one of the fastest databases. 

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