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POC vs Prototyping
20 Sep: What is the difference between Proof of Concept (POC) vs. Prototype?

Before starting any product development project, it’s crucial to have some proof that the idea we’re working on is actually…

10 Questions to ask before you dive into Legacy Application Modernization
13 Sep: 10 Questions to ask before you dive into Legacy Application Modernization

Following the pandemic, the world is hastily moving towards a rebirth, and every organization is attempting to stand again with…

08 Sep: How do you identify and manage technical debt?

Technical debt, or the coding compromises companies make to produce a product, is the most typical problem when it comes…

How to structure and manage Product Teams?
29 Aug: How do you structure and manage product teams?

The secret to successful product development is in its team. The structure of a product team can have a significant…

Test Automation Failures
23 Aug: Top 3 Reasons for Test Automation Failures and Solutions

The term test automation is used to describe the automation of software testing. Test automation aims to reduce the time…

Low code for Legacy Application Modernization
13 Aug: How to make the best use of Low Code for Legacy Application Modernization?

Low code for legacy application modernization can help you save time and money. Learn about the top benefits of using…

12 Factor App Principles
06 Aug: 12 Factor App Principles for Cloud Native Application Development

Engineers keep reinventing the wheel to avoid unforeseen bumps in the road of Cloud-native Software Development. For developing a high-performing,…

Serverless Architecture
28 Jul: Let us understand the details – What is Serverless Architecture?

Serverless is nowadays a hot topic in the world of software architecture. Cloud vendors like — AWS, Microsoft Azure, and…

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