AnAr Blog
23 Feb: Differences between Azure Classic and Azure Resource Manager (ARM)?

What is the difference between Azure Classic and Azure Resource Manager (ARM)? – Several options for deploying applications on Azure…

Docker 1
16 Feb: Containerize a .NET Core app using Docker

Containerize a .NET Core app using Docker – What will be the impression of any software when any stuffing works…

Lean Product Development 4
09 Feb: Effective Product Development using Lean Principles

Lean Product Development is the need of the hour where businesses face fierce competition. The pressure to innovate and deliver…

02 Feb: Cloud-Native Design Principles

We all are getting an intense interest in developing, which makes us create something for the good in technology. Several…

Quantum Computing
19 Jan: Brief Overview – Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing is the development of computer technology based on principles of quantum theory. It increases our reach to solve…

12 Jan: Introduction to Adaptive Cards

Introduction to Adaptive Cards When new software is introduced to us, we always think about the interface, changes, and other…

22 Dec: Best Practices – Product Management Process

Product Management process abets teams to unite for a purpose of “ultimate success” of product. Individually nothing can be achieved…

01 Dec: Top 7 widely used Bug Tracking Tools

Bugs affect your software product like mice in cornfields eating up your hard-earned prestige. Intricacy to identify bugs leads to…

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