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Onion Architecture Principles
10 Jan: What makes Onion Architecture so popular among techies?

Creating good architecture is as good as preparing a tasty meal with all the necessary ingredients. But when you need…

Why and how to adopt Agile QA Mindset
12 Dec: Why and how to adopt an agile testing mindset?

In waterfall project management, software engineers create a feature and then throw it over to the quality assurance team (QA)…

What is Design Thinking?
29 Nov: What is design thinking and why is it important?

You’ve probably heard the term “design thinking” in this day and age, where innovation is essential to corporate growth and…

24 Nov: Which one is appropriate for you – AgileOps or DevOps?

The early 2000s saw the widespread adoption of the agile methodology, which changed how we create software and other goods….

01 Nov: Product Development Roadmaps – Feature Driven vs. Outcome Driven

A product roadmap is a crucial communication tool in any innovative organization. It serves as a direction and tactical plan…

AWS Lambda vs Azure Functions vs Google Cloud Functions
15 Oct: AWS Lambda vs. Azure Functions vs. Google Cloud Functions

Nowadays, FaaS is the buzzword when discussing serverless cloud platforms. Function as a Service (FaaS) has completely changed how organizations…

DDD for Microservices
05 Oct: How to use Domain Driven Design for Microservices?

Software development using microservices is the most scalable method. However, you must have a good architecture that enables development teams…

POC vs Prototyping
20 Sep: What is the difference between Proof of Concept (POC) vs. Prototype?

Before starting any product development project, it’s crucial to have some proof that the idea we’re working on is actually…

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