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How to design Resilient and Reliable Azure Applications?
10 May: How to Design Resilient/Reliable Azure Applications?

Azure provides a wide variety of services and provides seamless integration with other cloud providers. It offers a lot of…

Visual Studio Testing Tools
04 May: Improve Quality of Code with Visual Studio Testing Tools

Code quality is an important aspect of the development process. If you have bad code you are going to have…

15 Apr: Role of a Leader in Digital Transformation

The role of a Leader is crucial when the organization goes through any change or takes up any new initiative….

BDD vs TDD 2
31 Mar: When to go for Behavior Driven Development or Test Driven Development (BDD vs TDD)?

Since the middle of the 2000s, there has been a debate between “test driven development” and “behavior driven development” (TDD…

.Net 6 Features
20 Mar: Top 15 .NET 6 Features to watch for in 2022

What are the new .NET 6 features? This article will tell you about the new features in the latest version…

Choose Application Modernization Strategy
16 Mar: How to Choose the Best Legacy Application Modernization Strategy? — The 3 Steps Process

Legacy application modernization isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. One needs to analyze risks and choose appropriate application modernization strategy before committing…

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