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Product & Digital

Innovative, end-to-end product and application development services for your business success.


Seamless modernization of legacy applications for enhanced performance and scalability.

Cloud and DevOps

Drive innovation and efficiency with comprehensive Cloud and DevOps solutions and support.

Build Teams

Create high-performing remote teams with skilled professionals for maximum productivity.


At AnAr, our talented and reliable team is the driving force behind our exceptional service. With their expertise and dedication, we consistently deliver outstanding results you can rely on.
Technology Consulting is our forte. Our experienced team combines industry knowledge and technical expertise to provide strategic guidance and innovative solutions that transform businesses and drive success.
Our culture of innovation sets us apart. We foster a creative environment where bold ideas are encouraged, experimentation is valued, and innovation thrives, ensuring we deliver cutting-edge solutions to our clients
Metrics-driven execution is our hallmark. Our team is committed to delivering results backed by data and analytics, ensuring precision, efficiency, and continuous improvement in all our endeavors.
With extensive experience in design, development, cloud solutions, and the latest tech stack, our team is well-equipped to deliver innovative and scalable solutions tailored to meet your unique business needs.
Agile execution is in our DNA. Our team thrives on adaptability, collaboration, and rapid delivery, ensuring we stay responsive to your evolving requirements and deliver high-quality solutions on time and within budget.
Client says
CEO at e-Learning Company in Finance Domain

My code base is complex and challenging to build on, so I needed a team that could both understand and rationalize my code while still focusing on growth implementations. The AnAr team took over the source code and applications quickly and are consulting on and migrating certain parts of our system to the latest technology to scale and improve maintainability. Key reasons for choosing AnAr was that they were established, familiar with projects like mine, consistently involved management and offered a unique unit testing methodology. My team cares about my project and will go the extra mile and late hours to minimize and fix any disruptions.

Partner at Portfolio Management Company

CGB Capital wanted a comprehensive portfolio management application to track equities and futures trading. AnAr team members assigned to me were extremely diligent, talented, and picked up key nuances of this domain very quickly. They understood workflow, alerts and watchlists concepts that were critical for this application. I am very pleased with the quality of the application (both form and functionality). Application is running smoothly and all users are satisfied with the performance. I specifically liked the lean and agile way of working with clear communication at every stage of application development lifecycle.

Founder & Director at AI and Analytics Company

We evaluated a number of potential offshore technology providers to work cohesively with our London based team, and decided to partner with AnAr. Initially, we started small and scaled later. The AnAr team aligned themselves to our practices, and technology standards to meet our talent needs and delivery commitments. The offshore team has become an integral part of our overall operations and there has subsequently been a very smooth interaction between my entire team (onsite and offshore).

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