Business Models

Business Models:


We believe in value addition for our Clients through our technical expertise and processes. We are agile and adaptive to various traditional and emerging business models in Offshoring and outsourcing industry. We have listed some of them below:

• Fixed Price, Fixed Scope –

This model works well when Client has defined scope, established project management methodologies, and a stable set of requirements. Client can get better visibility and control over budgets at the same time, it comes with less flexibility in terms of changes.


• Time and Materials –

When requirements are evolving and Client needs flexibility with scope, this model works well. We encourage clients to go for it during Outsourced Product Development or when Client wants to have more control over deliverables and schedule.

• Offshore Development Centre (ODC) –

This will be Client’s extended offshore team. Client manages execution and delivery. This model is suitable when Client wants to have complete control over the project execution and team.


• Build – Operate- Transfer (BOT) –

If Client wants to setup his/her own subsidiary in India, this model suits in such scenario. Wherein we will build team for Client, setup processes and then transfer this team to Client’s subsidiary when required.

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