Considerations when Choosing an IoT Platform Provider

Internet of Things (IoT), the latest advancement that Information Technology has to offer is now upgraded from a simple self-built IoT stack to a conglomerate market of various IoT platform providers. This transformation resembles the changes observed with cloud computing. What started as a single independent unit is now a market with several providers and service seekers. It is easier to build an IoT product using IoT platform providers on a pre-existing platform.

Things to consider:
Secure Product
A novel piece of technology is interesting and its development can always be rushed into so as to cater to the needs of the market. Many of such IoT devices experience the same hastiness that leads to a drop in security management. Security management is an important aspect as IoT at its core is an integrative platform. Risking security for functionality is not a prudent choice especially for IoT platform providers.
Secure Service
Another aspect of consideration is the integrity of security through the entirety of the software development life-cycle. Ensuring security only at the final product stage is not sufficient and has to last the entire development chain. As smaller companies cannot afford most of the resources required for consistent monitoring of the security, they integrate with other service providers. Only with a secure IoT platform will software providers and products experience enhanced security through the entire course of the software development life-cycle.
Returns always matter, especially when they are returns on a high investment. A standard term used in the business of anything, returns on investment (ROI) is a simple equation that balances out the cost and profits. Different providers have different ROI parameters. These parameters might be inconsistently priced. For example, one platform charges for the device whereas the other charges for usage and storage. For this very reason, recruitment costs and implementation costs need to be estimated and proportioned.
The maturity of a platform is an indicative of its comprehensiveness in direction directly affecting its functionality. Security and Returns should be given lesser importance when considering IoT platforms in comparison to maturity of the platform. This is because of certain critical aspects that have long-term effects not just on the product software but also on IoT industry.

Type of support
Support is critical to any IoT product especially in critical stages of planning, development, and production. Records and references in the form of documents have very little significance when compared to support, guidance, and hands-on experience. In the production stage, a solid support would increase the efficiency of operation and minimize outages.
• Critical reviews
If the platform has been accepted by most of the experienced peers in the IoT industry, it probably has been through every test, scrutinized heavily, and deemed worthy of use.
• Performance
At the end of the day, the platform must present itself as a useful asset for the user. All the features, when tested, should deliver as a whole and be suitable for applications.
• Plot holes
Not every mature product is perfect. The fallacies in the product feature should not have a major effect on the performance of the IoT application.

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