DevOps Readiness Check

DevOps can turn your company from an environment that is silo-ed to an environment which is well integrated and collaborated. The fact that DevOps is not entirely a technology solution. It is also a fundamental shift in the way organizations structure themselves to get work done in a completely new way — a culture shift that challenges the beliefs and assumptions that people hold true about each other, themselves, and their work. DevOps is all about bringing all teams together so that the team members communicate in a common language and terminology. It helps in improving products at a faster pace. Let us start from the beginning why DevOps is even important and then we go through the DevOps Checklist that your organization can benefit from.

Business benefits of adopting DevOps

DevOps spans the entire application pipeline. It delivers business value by increasing responsiveness through faster, iterative, and high-quality delivery of applications. Among its benefits are:

  • Process automation
  • Faster realization of business value
  • Frequent deployment
  • Lower rate of failure
  • Faster mean time to recovery, in cases of crashes

Assessing Your DevOps Readiness

First, measuring and understanding your current state baseline is critical. A valid and reliable assessment ensures you are in a position to change, assists in helping leaders understand the potential obstacles that currently exist in the system, and helps organize and prioritize the change activities that must happen in order to embed these new ways of working into the cultural fabric of your company.

Comparing business units to the organization overall, while also benchmarking them against other high-performing organizations across the industry, leaders can quickly gain insight into current capabilities. The Scorecard also provides a priority analysis, allowing organizations to strategically make resource allocation and capability development decisions. This provides a clear roadmap for a DevOps transformation.

AnAr offers the following quick tips for business leaders who may be struggling with how to successfully evolve their organizations to drive these types of performance results:

  • Focus on your outcomes and measure them.
  • Know what levers to pull to drive improvements in your performance outcomes.
  • Prioritize your improvements.
  • Continue measuring so you can track your progress and measure the value of your investments

At AnAr, we can design and validate a quantitative assessment called the DevOps Scorecard to help organizations gain a baseline understanding of where their organizations sit with regard to four primary categories of IT capabilities: Technical, Process, Measurement, and Culture.  Get in touch with us to discuss in detail.

We offer an extensive range of solutions in range of all the above. For more information, contact us.

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