DevOps Advisory Services

Digital Transformation is high on the business agenda in every organization.

But overhauling traditional ways of working isn’t easy: they’ve often become part of the cultural DNA and resistance is inevitable.

Our DevOps leadership program has been designed to support leaders taking their organization on this journey.

DevOps is an integrated approach to software delivery and customer experience transformation. DevOps helps integrate an organization’s culture, processes and tools. DevOps solutions unify development, operations, and end user feedback to enable development and operation teams to prioritize requirements, release faster with higher quality and reduce rework efforts.

DevOps combines people, processes, and technology within organisations to accelerate software delivery.

DevOps enables rapid, small, iterative development and deployment of Minimal Viable Product (MVP) to the market as fast as possible and incorporate feedback in the product quickly, delivering value incrementally. Whether your organization is just beginning its DevOps transformation journey, or you are looking for specific technical expertise, our DevOps Consulting services are here to support you and your organization on your journey.

The situation is especially challenging when you are dealing with evolving technologies in uncharted territory. Yet all eyes are on technology leaders to initiate change, set the pace and take the business on this new journey.

  • How do I gain buy-in at all levels of the organization, and how will I evidence success?
  • What is the best way to introduce DevOps principles and unlock value from the cloud faster?

We provide:

  • 1-2-1 DevOps leadership coaching for DevOps Transformation leaders.
  • Feasibility analysis and discussion to Strong source control, elasticity in Cloud Computing, automated monitoring.
  • Analysis and solution for Reduction in failures and rollbacks that occur due to the tests that are run frequently.
  • Definition and implementation og Fine-grained and detailed service architecture, along with faster meantime to recovery.
  • Cohesive teams’ development with shared objectives, lean principles, and continuous delivery of value.

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