Healthcare with SharePoint

Healthcare with SharePoint- Today we talk about how SharePoint can  be effectively utilized within healthcare organization , how SharePoint helps the business needs of healthcare industry

Workplace collaboration in a hospital is complex. Attempting to make it work with outdated systems is difficult and expensive. Health Portal solutions are designed to together the many ways in which people communicate and collaborate, and can be combined with Microsoft technologies to add real-time interactions. Communication-enabled health portals provide caregivers and administrators with the ability to find and contact their colleagues from within clinical and administrative portals, and then automatically document these communications to create records.

Healthcare and SharePoint
Healthcare and SharePoint

Solutions for Health provide:

• Easy access to the most relevant, comprehensive clinical and administrative information.
• Administrative portals that enable streamlined access Streamlined communication, collaboration, and workflow across the continuum of patient care.
• A single platform for the management and delivery of information.
• Consolidate information across different teams, departments, and entities.
• Provide a more secure and efficient way to search, organize, and manage information.

What exactly can SharePoint do to improve Healthcare services?

• Accessing patients information through single point of entry for physicians/hospital
• Access to business and financial data within a healthcare or a group of related healthcare organizations to monitor the dashboards and create reports on time to take business critical decisions
• Develop patient records library using SharePoint to store images, electronic medical records, billing records and electronic prescriptions.
• Create procurement workflows for medical supplies to alert hospitals when they run low on some critical medicines, so that they may place orders with vendors quickly.
• Workflow for monitoring patients and creating discharge reports.
• Role based access to staff for accessing HR information, training, inter departmental information and Electronic Health Records
• Portals for patients to access information on healthcare and communicate with hospitals/physician
• People can search for physicians to see their availability.
• Physicians can search for their patient’s record from SharePoint library and view their past diagnosis reports.
• Most important benefit of SharePoint is document management. Manage any number of patient forms, admission forms, insurance form etc. in SharePoint. Retrieve document at any time in future within a matter of seconds. The overhead of maintaining paper records and storing them in cabinets are out of the window.
• Microsoft SharePoint ensures that all the documents are highly secured. Admin can set permission for different levels of users on accessing the information.

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