How AnAr helped Client achieve their growth goals?

A serial entrepreneur, CEO of a FinTech start-up, was contemplating over current resource status in his company. His organization always had a reputation for delivering in time, no matter what.

Their current commitments swamped their talented in-house team. It was eating up margins while recruiting local talent. Secondly, hiring and making a person on board in time was another challenge.

He was contemplating whether he could use offshore companies. However, it comes with its own set of challenges. 

  • How to select the right company? 
  • How to select the right talent? 
  • How to establish a productive association? 
  • How to ensure no leaks in the entire process?

Being a serial entrepreneur, he could visualize all these challenges and develop an action plan to mitigate this. He researched online for companies and approached AnAr. He reviewed the AnAr pitch and past work and verified it by having several voice calls with our existing and past clients.

Upon completing due diligence, he shortlisted AnAr and decided to go ahead with a proof of concept. POC gave him and his team experience of working with the AnAr team.

This entire process took around 2 to 3 months. Post that phase; there is no looking back. His team, on-site and offshore, has been growing consistently. There was no impact on delivery due to Covid. They continued to grow and win new clients and accolades. We are proud to be associated with the client and his talented team, both on-site and offshore.

Would you like to understand more details about what we did? How did we address a few common and unique hiccups during the process?

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