Solving Enterprise IT Challenges: Time & Money

Solving Enterprise IT Challenges: Time & Money

The IT team is the center of any type of enterprise, if the team lacks coordination; the reliability and productiveness of the company reduce drastically. As the core team presents solutions to emerging enterprise problems, it directly influences the efficiency of all departments thereby contributing to scale up and development of the company in the near future.

IT challanges

Root IT Challenge

After establishing the significance of IT in an enterprise, the challenges facing the IT can essentially change the future of a company as well. The challenges that an IIT team faces over time continue to be the non-availability of resources like time and money. There is a lack of time to dedicate to recruit a qualified IT team and if there was, I there is not the money to a recruit and manage the team well. Companies save the time to recruit a good team and the internal resources to effectively qualify and manage the team.

The HR department will be unable to qualify a candidate without having their technical acumen evaluated for the enterprise. Senior officers in IT will be unable to dedicate time for the day-to-day tasks of the company and serve as a recruiter. There is not an effective filter to recruit qualified individuals to manage a reliable IT unit. Another parameter to consider is the number of people hired by the HR for the IT team. The number cannot go over or below a certain limit. Determining the right number of people to keep on staff is also crucial. Hiring lesser or greater than required could lead to drop in efficiency and increase in hiring costs. Factor in the complexity of getting budgets approved and going through an RFP process and by the time the budget is approved a new technical challenge can surface. This ongoing cycle is far too common among many companies today and it can often result in a constant nightmare for the IT department.

Proposed Model

A proposed model involves interdependency across the enterprise.

• The recruitment of a qualified candidate has to be thorough, as they have to be first questioned, negotiated with, and then processed for HR. hired and put through the HR process.
• All of this quickly adds up to the total cost of obtaining a single resource. Some additional costs to be factored in are company benefits, company resources and equipment, as well as office space and paid time off..
• It is not reasonable to expect an “on-demand” team of skilled resources unless your business model supports it. The core business operations of most companies do not facilitate this type of structure. Hence, technology projects become an endless uphill battle for today’s enterprise.
• Depending on the business development and scale-up, the recruiters can pick the ideal number of teams.
• Based on the infrastructure and framework, the model variations can be altered to suit the best interests of saving time & money.
• An inquiry about the results of the framework, an analysis of the amount of time and money saved can be evaluated

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