What is Microsoft AI – Azure Cognitive Services?

What is Microsoft AI – Azure Cognitive Services?

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What is Microsoft AI – Azure Cognitive Services?

Azure services augment capabilities with Microsoft AI to create the basic or advance level applications. It boosts the capacity to handle the user requests in minimum time.

Microsoft AI – Azure Cognitive Services have taken development ease and customer experience to new level. The expertise brought by Microsoft AI is not loaded of technicalities. In fact, its simplicity channelizes accurate information for prompt service and suggestive actions.

Access each service independently, thus selectively apply them for business solutions.

Microsoft AI

Cognitive Services APIs for Microsoft AI: 

Microsoft AI – Azure Cognitive Services helps acquire to adapt the tools that improve the business processes and performance of applications.

Microsoft AI – Vision API

The cognitive services include everything a user sees and the program processes efficiently in order to delivery experience as designed.

  • Computer Vision: This helps analysing images by returning the information about the visual content of the image. Its domain specific models can tag the identified content and add descriptions in about four languages. It uses the Object Detection to trace location of objects within an image. You can apply settings to filter out the unwanted images that can damage your company’s brand. Control interruption in preferences set by application users.
  • Custom Vision Service: You can store high quality thumbnails created from existing images and even modify/ crop/ resize/ restyle them.
  • Face Verification: This tool recognizes similarity in different faces to verify if they belong to same person.
  • Face Detection: Machine learning detects human faces of different individuals in an image. It matches and features and other facial attributes to confirm. It considers age, emotion, retina image, gender, pose, smile, facial hair, and such 27 aspects of comparison.
  • Emotion Recognition: Face API incorporates emotion recognition and returns precise information on the set of emotion. It can indentify whether the image contains anger, happiness, sadness, fear, confidence, contempt, and neutral, so on.
  • Face Identification: It enables you to search, classify, and match up faces with the data in your private repository. This data has extent of up to 1 million people’s face details.
  • Similar Face: This search helps find faces that appear similar. If a query is run then this API will return a collection of similar faces from the existing database.
  • Face Grouping: If there is a need to group faces of unidentified people on basis of their visual similarity this API works perfectly.
  • Form Recognizer: This can help to recognize 1500 global brands from their logos. The celebrities are identified from various fields like sports, politics, entertainment from data over 1 million. Now recognize the natural and human constructed landmarks of around 9000 with form recognizer.
  • Ink Recognizer: It recognizes the hand written and printed text stored in images. It uses OCR (optical character recognition) to read the characters. These recognised words are later, converted into machine- decipherable character streams. The image capturing is quite easy, compared to copying the text and it can be stored and searched easily.
  • Video Indexer: Analyse and extract videos in near real-time, using Computer Vision APIs. Select video frames on the device and sent to your applications. It saves time and accelerates adding videos.
Microsoft AI – Speech API

Discover how it enables the integration of speech processing capabilities into any app or service. Convert spoken language into text or produce natural sounding speech from text using standard (or customizable) voice fonts. Try any service free—and quickly build speech-enabled apps and services with the following capabilities.

  • Speech Services: It has real time speech translation that makes communication faster even in a foreign language. Speech Translator API works in real time hence applying it to applications or services is simpler. It is a cloud-based automatic translation service. Widen the reach of your desktop, web and mobile applications with the power translation in over 10 languages.
  • Speaker Recognition: This API does speaker verification. The voice checked from the recording, audio samples created to register the voice. Once the voice is enrolled; the recorded voice can be cross checked.
  • Speaker Identification: Simply compare the unidentified voice against the group of selected speakers. It will then confirm the identity of speaker automatically.

For additional requirements of Microsoft AI, check Immersive Reader, Language Understanding (LUIS), QnA Maker, Text Analytics, and Translator Text features from Language API.

Microsoft AI – Search API

This feature eases the search in particular, it returns the precise report on the checks required.

  • Bing News Search: It helps in finding news articles on web. This API v7 enables you to search, sort, and filter news. Background work of API is in order to represent accurate results of trending news stories. The news article, images and the where was it published, author such details are needed.
  • Bing Video Search: Using the Video Search API v7 is simple; it displays faster results for videos across web. It provides information about its encoding format, size of video, its view count, and much more.
  • Bing Web Search: With Microsoft AI Azure API v7, you can run your query through thousands of documents on web. Further, filter it on the type of document, its author, or relevance etc.
  • Bing Autosuggest: It helps to complete the queries faster by suggesting user as they type. This API can improve the way your applications and websites handle errors or troubleshoot them.
  • Bing Custom Search: You can customize search as per the business requirement. It is simple to setup and helps in identifying topics, images or access the insights anytime. It is leading search for any domain and can draw relevant results. It gives overall control on ranking, pinning down, blocking, boosting, and even demoting sites. The advertisement free service of this API gives uninterrupted services.
  • Bing Image/Visual Search: It interprets images and the search for product or services can be faster. If the user is not avid, keyboard user or wants to compare the products. It finds and identifies similar images of anything such as the products, celebrities, artwork of historic places. It can do bar code reading from the images or extract the text.
  • Bing Spell Check: Use this feature for checking or proofreading to classify and making corrections to understand the web search.
  • Bing Local Business Search: An easiest way to find any business in your locality is using this API. Pull information for your applications and websites. Gain powerful statistics of local businesses near you.
Microsoft AI – Decision API
  • Anomaly Detector: This Azure API makes your applications problem detection competent and reliant. Anomaly Detector automatically selects the best algorithm from the available options to suit your time-series data. It ensures the high-level performance and accuracy for the scenario specific. Eliminate the task of data labelling and accelerates problem solving. It identifies unusual patterns/ events and provides speedy insights. This cognitive service can prevent frauds, as it notifies automatically as and when things happen. Instant identification of issues brings down the time invested for corrective actions. The event/issue log is a strong reference point for development teams.
  • Content Moderator: Microsoft AI Azure Cognitive Services helps us in decision making while building apps. The content moderator detects the images and videos that are either not required or harmful for your application. It highlights Adult videos, text content that contains irreverence. It filters with the help of built in review tool. These tools do image moderation with machine learning based classifiers and OCR- optical character recognition.
  • Text moderation can detect and filter out the potential blasphemy written in over 100 languages. It can match the identified content with the custom list created by you. Content Moderator checks for PII- personally identifiable information. Over all the disrespectful content is blocked from public view. The application’s content flagged in order to abide by regulations maintains the anticipated application experience.
  • Personalizer: Azure Personalizer API is cloud-based service, uses the machine-learning model to decide the actions. The list of probable actions based on the information about the context or the person is available to users. The action selected from the list and after executing the choice, the Personalizer collects feedback for future references. Learning from real-time behaviour, it can help in suggestions, recommendations, and analysis to personalize the experience.


Microsoft AI Azure Cognitive Services is a vast ocean. Use these tools to innovate the ideas. Ease daily office and personal life or reduce complexities of using launched applications. Conversation transcription is a feature that saves you from taking MOM during meeting. Later you can refer the authentic recording of meeting. It captures data of participants, speech recognition and identification can erase the concerns of who said what.

Build Artificial Intelligence applications using azure cognitive services to enhance business productivity.

Think differently in terms of applying the Microsoft AI – Azure Cognitive Services and be unique but interesting.

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