Rider Advanced Debugging

Rider advanced debugging with breakpoints

In this day and age, everything is going online. For this very reason, a lot of apps are being built and a lot of time of software developers is spent debugging the software or app they are writing. Here, a tool, debugger comes into play wherein it not only tracks down bugs but also aid us in recognizing a part of code when it is being implemented. On the other hand, when it comes to debugging, setting a breakpoint is the key and then you can step through code. One such efficient debugger offering a lot of benefits is Rider’s debugger. It helps you in setting exception breakpoints and conditional breakpoints and assists in decreasing the time needed to debug a code offering a lot of benefits and in turn increasing productivity.

Rider advanced debugging with breakpoints

Rider backs a horde of breakpoint kinds. They are as follows:

· When you want to take a break in proceedings during program execution at a particular line of code, line breakpoints come into picture.

· When a definite condition applied is correct, program implementation can be stopped using Conditional breakpoints.

· And every time a particular exception comes about, exception breakpoints are used for pausing while debugging making things easier.

Combine all the above discussed breakpoints with hit counters as and when needed and debug the code efficiently.


Debug the application code in an efficient manner with the help of Rider. With a plethora of features, Rider surely is a boon for software developers saving them a lot of time in debugging the code as and when needed during the implementation of software or an app. It has definitely made things much easier than ever before. However, how good it is, try it yourself and reap benefits! Get things moving saving a lot of time and energy!

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