Outsourced Product Development (OPD)

Outsourced Product Development (OPD)

software product development process

At AnAr, we provide widespread range of Product Development Services so you can translate any innovative idea in to market ready advanced software products .We leverage our technical expertise and delivery experience and working as a seamless extension of on-shore client teams. Our quick turnaround times in delivery and agile processes assist our clients and address their IT needs in a cost effective manner. And it takes least possible time to market tendering world class novelty and realistic solutions to its end users. Our process assets are built on CMMI & ISO standards. We use various methodologies like Agile, RUP, iterative and waterfall, combined with PMI best practices.

Our Approach towards Software Product Development

Product Ideation:

Acclimatized by innovation, deep understanding of future scope, technical limitations – we give an important role to Customer requirements gathering, needs analysis. We make sure we validate the product idea, sketch out the prototype so our developer, the client and other stakeholders like investors, users etc can give their insight over it and we can go for the refinement at the earlier stage of inception. Basically, we make sure we detail out the product scope to minimize the potential for surprises. We assign a lead project manager, engineers, and UI/UX experts to work with you from the outset, ensuring we get it right the first time. Our R&D experts thrive on information exchange as they plan the ideal process for development. We don’t let our customers get sucked into the change-request tornado.

Architecture, Design and Development:

We take a holistic approach towards design and development. After getting final approval on wireframe our design team starts UI & UX design of overall project flow including menus, call to action, look, feel and effects.

Once the design is done for any module we start writing code for each module during development phase. We always use futuristic platform and technology for development ensuring it provides future enhancement, extended functionalities, light weighted and has everlasting support

Quality Engineering:

Quality has been a primary concern for us all the time. We can’t afford to deliver a product which is faulty or cause any inconvenience to our clients. Our specialized quality assurance team checks developed system at micro and macro level. Testing team delivers timely product releases, significantly reducing the cost of quality while resulting in a superior product release every time. We have in-depth experience with functional, automation, security, and performance / scalability / reliability testing, ensuring that your products are not just ready on day one, but will continue to perform over time.


Once the testing is carried out successfully and we check the product through various ways of testing i.e. manual, automated, specific module wise and we have final approval from our QA team we deploy software product for customer use.

Maintenance and Support:

After deploying the system some unexpected problems may come up or there is need of any functional improvement which needs to be solved from time to time. This is the phase where we take care of product is. Also we conduct a review and a customer satisfaction analysis and stabilize the overall performance. Stabilizing activities may continue during this period and obtain final approval and feedback of the project.

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