Application Maintenance and Enhancements Services(AME)

application enhancements and maintenance


Modern business enterprises and corporate clients have many applications and software products in use at all times. It is usually necessary to make small updates and enhancements to the features. It becomes essential for the internal IT department to respond with a wide range of technical skills and a spectrum of service issues. It is usually the pain area and we at AnAr believe that understanding and addressing them is the key to satisfaction. AnAr can help maintain your business-critical software applications

Custom Software Development

Bespoke Software Solutions

Bespoke or Custom built software applications are required when off the shelf products does not address all Business needs. Off the shelf applications are designed for use of majority of similar businesses therefore they cover many business areas with standard workflow. Many businesses customize their processes to suit their offerings and value proposition.We are Client Focused Software Solutions Provider based in Pune, India. We align all our processes and execution as per Client preference and convenience.

Outsourced Product Development

Outsourced Product Development

We provide widespread range of Product Development Services so you can translate any innovative idea in to market ready advanced software products . Our quick turnaround times in delivery and agile processes assist our clients. And it takes least possible time to market tendering world class novelty and realistic solutions to its end users. Our process assets are built on CMMI & ISO standards. We use various methodologies like Agile, RUP, iterative and waterfall, combined with PMI best practices.



SharePoint configuration

Success comes with scalable enterprise solutions, which not only helps you, manage every aspect of your business but also cater to new requirements. SharePoint serves as a collaboration and document management platform that empowers the internet, intranet and web application development requirements. It allows the managing and provisioning of various activities including intranet portals, websites, extranets, file management and much more, as well as third-party development solutions.

Business Intelligence

Microsoft Business Intelligence Consulting

Organizations face the constant pressure to improve performance management throughout the enterprise to reduce risks, improve operational efficiencies, grow sales, and build competitive differentiation. Leading companies understand the need to arm their employees at every level with more accurate, reliable and timely information.Microsoft provides a SQL Server, SharePoint, and Office applications. Microsoft has products for data integration (SSIS).AnAr can help you to prepare and populate the data.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile App Development

In today’s world there is an expanding technology boom, wireless networks is dominating each aspect of life. Development in latest technology and the recent scenario of smart phone users clearly show that demand of mobile apps is increasing rapidly. Our mobile developers and web developer are experienced and developed many online store and mobile applications according to clients’ needs which help to increase ROI in low budget investment.Enterprise mobile solutions development and Business application development.

Quality Control – Testing

Quality Control-Testing

Quality assurance is the means of assuring that your product or service does not have defects, bugs or faults that might render the service or product useless or faulty. It is always a good practice to utilize outside services and firms for this service as they will not have any bias towards the product or the service and check it for the best and the worst case scenarios. Bug discovery is most effective only when multiple users test a service that is unknown to them previously.

Technology Consulting

Technology Consulting

It is the need of the hour to develop software and make products available as fast as possible. At the same time technology costs need to be reduced by using options like cloud computing. Anar can help you leverage the use of technology. Our services include setting up the product Architecture, reviewing it and Mentoring your existing team to deliver excellence.

Migration Services

Migration Services

Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange to manage people, processes and information. Right from migration of documents, web content and digital assets from wide range of sources such as file shares, legacy repositories and non-Microsoft platforms into SharePoint 2013 and other ECM systems. We also provide a direct migration from older versions of SharePoint such as SharePoint 2007, SharePoint Portal Server 2003, WSS 3.0 and WSS 2.0.

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