Software Security

Software Security
In today’s world everyone is very concerns about privacy. We like to ensure data about ourselves is not being misused and it is used for the purpose which we have given our consent. Global organizations government across the world take data privacy very seriously. There are two prominent examples.
First, Apple refused to unlock iPhone, which could help FBI to gain information about criminal investigation. However, such backdoor entry would have created serious concerns among iPhone users about their privacy. Apple upheld users data privacy to highest level. Second example is Cambridge Analytics which has used Facebook users’ information to benefit from it.

Software SecurityIn both examples users’ data privacy is point of concern. Important thing to consider here is, iPhone users trust strengthened because Apple has strong security in place to protect users’ data. So, to ensure data privacy we must first ensure data security, without data security one cannot achieve data privacy.

In such scenarios security of an application has become very important non-functional requirement and it should not be considered just as afterthought. Users’ want applications to ensure their data is stored and transported in secure manner and protected from unauthorized access. Security testing plays a pivotal role in ensuring applications are tested from security standpoint. Security Testing involves very specific procedures and checkpoints to identify any vulnerabilities in the application.
We at AnAr provide you secure web application road map which is based on OWASP principles and provide quality assurance support to make your web application ready for external security certification test.
Software security is an idea implemented to protect software against malicious attack and other hacker risks so that the software continues to function correctly under such potential risks. Security is necessary to provide integrity, authentication and availability.
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