10 Interesting Visual Studio Code Extensions ?


Visual Studio Code is popular in the development community for its functionalities. It supports almost every language, development technology and framework. VS Codes Extensions upsurges the potential of Visual Studio Code. It accelerates the development process. These extensions support the development workflow by allowing you to add debuggers, tools, and languages to the installation. These tools are designed to improve the overall experience as a developer and eases their work.

Visual Studio Extensions

VS Code Extensions of the different categories have their specific benefits. Based on its usability some of the extensions have gained recognition. There are many that you can explore and select the crucial ones. It is easy to browse and install extensions of VS Code from the extension’s icon placed on the activity bar. You can study the brief description, publisher’s info, download count and rating of that extension. The installation happens directly but if your internet access uses a proxy server then you have to configure it.

Where are these extensions installed?

These extensions are installed in separate folder ~/.vscode/extensions on Linux or MacOS and %USERPROFILE%\.vscode\extensions on Windows Platform.

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