Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

oil and gas industryThe oil and gas industry is one of the world’s largest industries in terms of sheer dollar value. The oil and gas industry is a very diverse global industry that must operate in extreme conditions. Exploration, production, processing and delivery of products require enterprises Given that the oil and gas industry is so critical to our everyday lives, application security is of paramount importance. As Marc Andreessen has written, software is “eating the world,” and O&G is no exception. “The Digital Oil Field” is something of a buzzword in the oil and gas industry – tossed around like “the cloud” or “big data” are in IT.

The basic premise is a web-based visualization platform from which companies can manage, measure, and track all of the data coming from all over the oilfield. Plug-ins that are developed or contracted out has the potential to speed up prospect evaluation, and reduce dependence on key individuals.

Oil & Gas industry shows wide-scale variations in business requirements in upstream, midstream, downstream and contractors segment. At AnAr under one umbrella we develop custom applications to help oil and gas companies cut operating costs. We advocate Agile Development Methodologies and use SCRUM if client prefers. The softwares developed are is incredibly complex, and testing can require thousands of hours of person and machine time. We have experience in helping companies in the industry achieve their software testing objectives by providing customized testing solutions

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