About Us


We are team of people passionate about technology and learning. We have built the learning culture and believe in continuous and continual growth of our team.

AnAr has always considered its Clients as partners in its growth. We partner with clients to create and support innovative solutions; that help businesses become a lasting success in the marketplace. We are passionate about technology and applying it to make our Clients products better and deliver overall value.

We constantly strive to keep our Clients completely satisfied. This attitude and passion flows through each member of our organization and it plays an important role in the way we perform business. A ‘go an extra mile’ attitude drives each one of us to perform better. It is in this environment that our team works in.

We started AnAr in early 2013 with a dream to become like Disney to software industry in terms of Customer Focus.

We work with our clients to align all our processes and work practices as per Client’s needs and preferences. To achieve this Client Focus, we work with every team member and help him/her understand Client’s business, culture and requirements.

All our actions are guided by following basic values which acts as Compass for our each action:

• Regular Communication
• Transparency
• Honesty

We are Microsoft Partner company with expertise in Outsoured Product Development and Software Development. We are working with Clients across the globe. Communication plays a crucial role in our day to day lives. We work with our team so that they understand each aspect of communication. We make use of technology and use all available communication mediums to stay connected with our Clients. We advocate Agile development practices and encourage team to have daily calls with our Clients as per Client’s preference.

We understand importance of Trusting relationship with our Clients. Our values guide us in establishing trust between our team and Clients. At difficult times, our values also guide us in making hard choices and we make them.

We believe our drive to improve our Client Focus sets us apart from our competitors.

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