Angular 2 with ES6 : Framework of Choice

Angular2 has been the framework of choice for many application and web developers. The latest on offer is Angular 2 with ES6 JavaScript. The ES6 JavaScript was an awaited development after previous associations of Angular2 with ES5 JavaScript, TypeScript, and Dart. Ever since the release of Angular2 in 2014, the latest iteration of the popular MV* framework developed by Google to build complicated web applications for the browser. The framework also provided them with the liberty to go beyond the scope of the minimum requirement. The various versions of the same MV* framework are available to the developers. The most popular of them is the MVC (Model-View-Controller), followed by other MVP (Model-View-Presenter), MVVM (Model-View-View Model), and the MVCVM (Model-View-Controller-View Model). Angular2 has been associated often with MVC type frameworks.

Angular 2 with ES6
Angular2 with ES6

All about Angular2
Angular2 is all you need to create a strong, sturdy, and reliable front-end unit for your web application or mobile application. Often, regarded as a complicated task to complete, Angular 2 offers powerful tools to ensure that the entire process of building a frontend web application is easy and hassle-free. Of these tools, there are a few templates available to the user to aid in HTTP services, faster rendering of options, forms creation and handling services, and other important tools that help users in landing their ideal web application or mobile application.

Angular has been associated with JavaScript for a long time, the long list features ES5, ES6, soon t come ES7, Dart, Babel, TypeScript, AtScript, to name a few. Writing modern JavaScript, however, has been a matter of concern for newcomers that lack any experience with the latest versions of JavaScript. ES5 continues to be the most widely accepted version of JavaScript. However, as ES6 continues to gain universal acclamation including sharing compatibility with Angular2, it will soon be the standard for JavaScript. Most browsers currently support ES5 and latest developments suggest that the latest releases of the web browsers will support ES6. This is because of JavaScript being an assembly for browsers. All forms of code are transcribed down to the JavaScript that the browser is compatible with. Case in point, CoffeeScript, a popular higher-level language is a favorite among developers. If the user inputted in CoffeeScript, the compiler would then generate it into plain JavaScript, for example, ES6 for the browser to understand and process.

To conclude
Angular2 with ES6 would be a new take on the previously existing framework system. It represents a newer JavaScript and enhances the translation from high-level languages for web browser applications and mobile applications.

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