Adaptive maintenance

Adaptive maintenance

Adaptive maintenance is the implementation of changes in a part of the system, which has been affected by a change that occurred in some other part of the system. Modification of a software product performed after delivery to keep a software product usable in a changed or changing environment. Adaptive maintenance consists of adapting software to changes in the environment such as the hardware or the operating system. The term environment in this context refers to the conditions and the influences which act (from outside) on the system. For example, business rules, work patterns, and government policies have a significant impact on the software system.

For instance, a government policy to use a single ‘European currency’ will have a significant effect on the software system. An acceptance of this change will require banks in various member countries to make significant changes in their software systems to accommodate this currency. Adaptive maintenance accounts for 25% of all the maintenance activities.

Systems don’t function in isolation. Typically they may interact with operating systems, DBMSs, GUI’s, network protocols, other external software packages, and various hardware platforms, in the IT industry, any or all of these may change over a very short period (typically six months). The process of assessing the effects of such “environmental changes” on a software system, and then modifying the system to cope with those changes is known as “adaptive maintenance”

Adaptive maintenance also implies the need for modifications of certain functionalities, although the system works as expected, and in this sense that there is no fault or error in the system. It usually occurs when there comes to a change in legal norms or a shift in the political business users.

Such changes usually cause divergence in the original set system and its parameters, and therefore the need for harmonization and implementation of new functionalities based on user requests is required.

Adaptive maintenance is divided into two groups:

  • Changes conditioned by the change of the law or other regulations in the country
  • Changes that are not conditioned by changes in the legal or other regulations in the country of the user.

We offer an extensive range of software maintenance solutions in a range of all the above. For more information, contact us.

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