Bootstrap and Bulma : CSS frameworks for easy development of web interfaces

Bulma and Bootstrap are CSS frameworks which helps in building or developing web interfaces with ease. While they have fairly similar features, they still differ in some ways which creates the difference between these two frameworks.



Why choose Bulma?

Modern features: The latest features of CSS3 like Flexbox is currently in use with future planning of using ‘CSS Variables and CSS Grid’, Bulma aims to stay on the bleeding edge of browser technology and provide a better interface for the users.

Simple grid system: A Bulma grid is a combination wrap of many column items.

Easy-to-learn syntax: Class names are .title or .button which are easily decipherable and its modifier system including .is-large or .is-primary makes it easy to implement Bulma in a matter of minutes.

Font Awesome 5: The .icon element makes Bulma compatible with ‘Font Awesome 4’ as well as ‘Font Awesome 5’.

100+ efficient CSS helpers: The efficiency of Bulma lies in its 100+ helpers that specifically define display, color and spacing.

Responsive helpers – Typography helpers – Other helpers

No JavaScript: A steady CSS focus helps Bulma provide a solution of esy implementation in any developmental sub-context. JavaScript can be well avoided with the help of Bulma.

 Why choose Bootstrap?

jQuery plugins: jQuery plugins are used in the Bootstrap for better website interaction.

Big community: Considering how long it has been around the market, Bootstrap has a larger community than Bulma. As a result, more tools (like theming and plugins) are available, and more questions are answered around the internet.

Internet Explorer use: About 90{837330d4a8ef7eefea6ad76a2e6c839eeae477cba1366427bd0e21e978eaa9aa} of Bulma follows IE11 while Bootstrap is more compatible with this browser.

Additional elements: Elements like list group, page header and wells in Bootstrap make Bulma incompetent.

Thus both boot strap and Bulma has their own importance in their respective fields. So it is a wise decision to make when to choose Bootstrap and when to choose Bulma for designing web browsers.

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