Brief Overview – Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing is the development of computer technology based on principles of quantum theory. It increases our reach to solve the problems of various fields using algorithms. The power of quantum computing arises from probabilistic computation, superposition, and entanglement.

Quantum theory developed on mathematician Peter Shor’s quantum algorithm calculates prime factors of extremely large numbers with utmost accuracy.

Quantum Computing

Speed is the key to our future systems, what can you expect with this technology is an instantaneous result to your search query. E.g., you ask for the top 10 best investable shares in 2020 say in the Pharmaceutical sector. It will check for top 10 shares, Pharma companies, and everything done simultaneously not step by step.

Researchers are concentrating efforts on leveraging the capabilities of quantum processors. Let’s assume it will reduce the time taken for performing tasks, response time, and accelerate work as compared to classical computers.

Types of Quantum Computing:

A quantum computer uses qubits also known as quantum bits.

Quantum Computing
  • Universal Quantum: Uniting Shors’ algorithm for factoring numbers, Grover’s algorithm for quick search in unstructured data, and many more algorithms needed to build a universal quantum computer.
  • Quantum Simulation: Simulators are software programs to test and run quantum algorithms/programs on classical computers.
  • Quantum Annealing: It focuses on finding the best possible configuration among the most possible combinations of variables. It can successfully reduce the air or land traffic; provide the best routing to save time, costs, and fuel. Huge benefits for airlines, logistics companies.

Quantum Mechanics and its relation with Quantum Computing:

The application of technology will depend on the quantum mechanical phenomena. Quantum computing is based on the study of how we can amalgamate information science and technology. The interpretations of probability theory impact the role of measurement in quantum mechanics.

Effect of Quantum Measurement in Quantum Computing:

It adds to the freedom of treating the problem by superposition and entanglement empowering a quantum computer to process limitless calculations simultaneously.

Entanglement in Quantum Computing:

It is a phenomenon of quantum mechanics, which is about the ability of two or multiple quantum particles to entangle. The application of any process on a particle will not be limited to that particular quantum particle instead applies to entangled particles.

Superposition in Quantum Computing:

Qubits can exemplify plentiful combinations of 1 and 0 at the same time. The ability to be in multiple states is known as superposition.

How does Quantum Computing add power to decision making?

Quantum computers can solve complex problems and provide solutions that classic computers cannot offer. Traditional computers cannot handle the enormous data generated all over the globe by millions of users. Continuous investment in new technology is a challenge but a need of time. Availability of everything online demands speed, agility, and ingenuity.  

Less action time and dependable solutions encourage and strengthen decision-making. Serviceability is a key factor when dealing with customers. Google claims its quantum computer is at least 100 times faster than existing systems.

Industries that will benefit from Quantum Computing:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Telecommunications
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Finance
  • Renewable Energy
  • Agriculture
  • Aerospace
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Healthcare
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cryptography
  • Defense
  • Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning efficiency will increase with the use of quantum technology. ML & AI are two main areas of research when it comes to the application of quantum computing algorithms. The combination of AI and QC will fight fraud detection in the banking sector.

A fully developed quantum computer can easily evaluate most complex processes and find optimum configurations of chemical reactions. This will help in pharmaceutical drugs and fertilizer manufacturing. It can monitor glucose levels in the blood. Keep a check on the temperature of cold-chain management for vaccines.

The advanced manufacturing techniques will make devices that use inks in 3D-print novel electronic devices. The combination of advanced manufacturing and unique ways of measuring the properties and quantum wave modeling made it possible.

Quantum technology can create wonders in healthcare. The patients of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s  are likely to receive a diagnosis that is more accurate. Automobile manufacturing companies like Volkswagen and Daimler currently use quantum computers to simulate the chemical composition of e-Vehicle batteries. It aims at finding new ways to improve battery performance.

Quantum Computing
Interesting NEWS about Quantum Computing:
Benefits of Quantum Computing:
  • Quantum computations generate probabilities
  • Processing complex and massive datasets
  • It can discover patterns from unsorted large datasets
  • Efficiently solves certain computations
  • Provides quick analysis and integration of huge data
  • It efficiently simulates a quantum system
  • Perfect for creating isolated systems
  • Qubits can receive signals from the voltage(electrical energy), microwave and laser (Electromagnetic radiation)
  • Quantum mechanics lets you build highly secure cryptography
  • Increased precision in the modeling of molecular interactions
  • Huge volumes of information handling will benefit the finance and banking sector
Limitations of Quantum Computing:
  • Quantum computers are not ready for market for the general public
  • Quantum hardware is pricey
  • Uncertainty of the exact theory is due to hidden variables
  • Classical cryptography endangers  data privacy
  • Quantum computers can hack your private data
  • Noise from exterior magnetic fields can affect the experimental readings
  • Unwanted vibration can disturb the operation of a quantum computer
  • The quantum behavior can decay or disappear due to the interaction of qubits with their environment, which is called decoherence.
  • It takes thousands of standard qubits to create a single logical qubit
  • Research is yet to tell us at what point will it demonstrate quantum supremacy to become a powerful supercomputer
  • Results and their accuracy are dependent on the configuration of quantum algorithms, which is a challenge in quantum computing.

Heavy investments by Google, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, and Honeywell in quantum computing technology leaves us inspired to take a leap of faith for the new kind of computing. New discoveries and research are opening new realms of possibilities. Google is exploring quantum computing for rapid search on its search engine.

Innovation is globally reaching new heights as we await the computation revolution, self inquire about your thoughts on applying the newest technologies in business.

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