Bringing Desktop Applications To Web

In today’s world, applications and data are moving away from individual computers to web servers and this shift will work well for all the professions. Web applications can be easily accessed from any computer or location that has internet access. Travelers especially benefit in accessing web applications whereas desktop applications need to be individually installed on each computer. A desktop application is a self contained program that performs a defined set of tasks under the user control.


Undoubtedly web applications serve some very interesting purposes. As more and more people gravitate towards web applications, desktop applications may become obsolete. Some advantages of web applications are easy to update, perform  independently , support and maintenance is easier and easy bug fixing. Word processors and media players can be considered as typical desktop apps, while a shopping cart or an e-commerce website can be considered as web app. Web apps  need to be installed only once.

Now-a-days, people prefer to use web applications as it doesn’t have to be installed or downloaded, never requires a restart and never requires a contextual change  just to open up a purchasing page. Ultimately the accessibility of web based applications makes them very desirable.

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