Business Intelligence

AnAr offers a comprehensive range of Business Intelligence services which help its clients to access innumerable business insights for faster and more informed decision making. AnAr’s BI solutions are technology neutral, allowing 100% compatibility across popular BI technologies and data visualization tools like Tableau and Microsoft Power BI to deliver user-friendly reports and intuitive intelligence from complex organizational data.

AnAr’s business intelligence application development and consulting team address the unique needs of organizations through the creation of SWOT analysis, overall business strategy evaluation, forecasting, product analysis, or competitive analysis. You can rely on our advisory team for new BI solutions implementation and integration into your systems.

  • Detailed roadmap building
  • Architecture consulting
  • Maturity assessment
  • Technology assessment & recommendation

Our Process broadly includes:

1. Mapping your needs and requirements

2. Choosing an approach

  • Modernizing your current BI tool
  • Offering a ready-made product
  • Preparing to design a custom solution
  • Integrating the product into your workflow
  • Supplementing it with custom elements

3. Gathering and cleansing data to create a data warehouse (DWH)

4. Design and development

5. Testing and integrating the BI product into other enterprise systems

What Do We Offer?

BI Analytics: 

Discover the potential of data with the help of smart, comprehensive, and advanced BI analytics through on-premise and cloud-based reporting software.

Data Modeling:

Build physical and logical models to simplify complex data environments along with customized data flows for custom reporting.

Data Warehousing:

Integrate multiple data sources to perform analytical reporting, structured queries, and batch analytics.

Predictive Analytics:

Leverage the power of predictive analytics to take a better look at upcoming trends, loopholes, and reduce risk by taking proactive actions based on analytics.

Cloud BI:

Maximize performance and minimize cost by adopting cloud business intelligence solutions that are easily accessible and scalable.

BI Architecting:

Our business intelligence architects create specific data models and manage data warehouses and data resources to aggregate data effectively.

Cloud BI Migration:

Rethink your data strategies by migrating from legacy BI to cloud BI for better accessibility, flexibility, and scalability.

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