Database Performance Tuning: Tips and Tricks

Database Performance Tuning: Tips and Tricks

Database Performance Tuning is a method to enhance the speed at which an application runs. In this, the application will run more quickly. What we derive from “more quickly” is that critical applications may take longer time but overall the performance will be enhanced. The basic use of Database Performance tuning is to optimize the performance of database. Database tuning is focused to exercise the maximum use of system resources to enhance the work performance by working efficiently and rapidly.

Database Performance TuningOverview of Database Tuning:

Most of the systems resources are equipped with technologies that take maximum use of it but still there is chance to improve the quality and efficiency of the system resources. For this, we use database performance tuning. Database tuning means tuning the resources and settings of that computer on which the database application is run. It also implies that the memory and configuration of the system is changed in order to get the best results.

Database tuning is done every now and then as there is always a chance to enhance the efficiency of the DBMS. By drawing tables more efficiently to reducing disk writes and reads, there are numerous ways of tuning data base.

Importance of Database Tuning:

There are basically two reasons for tuning database. The first reason is to reduce the response time while the second reason is to reduce the usage of resources. For working more efficiently, one needs a fast operating system that responds rapidly. Any delay in response will have negative impact which shouldn’t be tolerated. The less the resource is used, the best it will perform. Both of these two reasons are interconnected with each other.

Some Tips and Tricks for Database Tuning:

  • A Clear Objective: While you perform database tuning, you need to know your destination very clearly. What exactly you want to do and how exactly you have to do. While reducing the resource usage, you should be clear about how much cleaning you need to do. In the same way if you are reducing response time then you need to be clear about how much reduction do you want.
  • Perform Tuning based on your needs: Database tuning is fun and addictive but you should only perform when you really need it. Finding performance problem is easy but it expensive to fix it therefore it is advisable to tune only when it is needed.

Database tuning is a perfect way to increase the efficiency of your DBMS but it should be reasonable and limited. This is the only way one can balance both the sides.

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