DevOps Testing

DevOps (combination of development & operation) is an enterprise software development term coined to mean a lively relationship between the development and IT operations. The goal of DevOps is to improve the relationship between the two business units by promoting better communication and collaboration resulting in willingness to work together and sharing.

It’s all about continuous testing and to help to focus on creating a fast and stable work flow through development and IT Operations.

Testing maturity is a key differentiator of best practices DevOps infrastructures to implement features to detect and rectify problems that may have crept into production without disrupting other services.

The guiding principles of DevOps are measurement, automation and sharing. It is considered a new approach to the traditional application life cycle management (ALM) processes.

DevOps provides the structure that enables software out as a seamless service on a weekly, or daily, or even hourly basis and the age-old concept of a “formal” software release melts away into a continuous cycle of service improvement. DevOps actually helps in by bringing testing into the mainstream of development processes thus avoiding problems that are left to be catered at the end of the cycle such as release delays and quality issues. And this post takes a dig at that question, “how does the testing team fit into a modern DevOps group?” The answers probably lies inside the automated deployment paradigm of DevOps where, the infrastructure is “code”.

Please note, DevOps is all about preventing defects and “not” finding them, which has several far-reaching implications:

  • Continuous improvement and quality tracking across the entire development cycle
  • “Tests are code” and there is no room for manual testing
  • Anything that can be automated, should be automated
  • Testers are the quality advocates and they don’t just find bugs

And just not that. Look beyond functional testing; on automation for load testing, stress testing, and performance testing. Specifically, load testing and stress testing are now critical disciplines for DevOps organizations that are moving at good pace.

So, encourage “DevOps Culture” as a core value of a development organization. DevOps is more about trust, people, and teamwork than about the process. It’s all about the creating software as an ongoing service, not a static product.

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