Future of Cloud – Intelligent Cloud

The intelligent cloud is cloud computing that involves cloud and artificial intelligence technology. The enhanced capabilities will help in faster processing of information. The progress in a broader context is about how the companies deal with the data to create the new intelligent data relation models.

Intelligent cloud also refers to innovative cloud applications built with AI technology. It may be smart solutions to the existing challenges of applications or fresh concepts. In the future, you can expect the applications to be providing more information and simplify the usage.

Cloud computing has great storage and computing power and thus is in high demand for various businesses. The applications run on the cloud are data-dependent. The difference intelligent cloud adds is an enhancement in how these applications function.

Organizations can create new and innovative solutions; improve processes, and operations to deliver better customer experiences using this technology. E.g. the simple and regular search feature of online shopping site can act like recommendation engines, and web crawlers with the power added by AI designing to applications.

Intelligent Cloud
Intelligent Cloud

Benefits of running the business from the cloud:

  • 24X7 availability
  • Cost reduction
  • Serverless
  • Uninterrupted application performance
  • Increased storage capacity
  • Secured Storage
  • Accessibility
  • Scalability
  • Improved control
  • Competitive edge
  • Disaster recovery

Best Features of Intelligent Cloud:

  • AI based
  • Access on multiple devices
  • Immediate access to information
  • Pull data from different locations
  • Service on demand
  • Share data in real time
  • Personalize experiences
  • Real-time feedback
  • Reports and Analytics

AI technology assists in introducing techniques that make complex applications work efficiently. It delivers value by increasing human skill levels and quality. AI and Intelligent Cloud can solve difficult problems and optimize the use of data. Artificial Intelligence includes Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP) Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) and many other factors that help in developing applications for a specific purpose.

The data-driven applications built are the intelligent systems supported by cloud computing technology. It attaches APIs of language, speech, face, emotions, text, and recommendation to the applications.

Attaching these data does partial work for queries raised using speech, text, or understanding the emotions but intelligent cloud gives it a unique touch. To process the requests, let the applications work efficiently and include high computing performance we need adequate and ample of data on the cloud. The intelligent cloud establishes data relevancy in order to speed up the performance of applications. It saves costs of services it offers; e.g. if a customer searches for printer ink, books, and stationery on a site. In this case, printer ink and stationery are the two items customer is likely to purchase frequently and the intelligent cloud can recommend the discounts available and the alternatives. While for books, it may display the other books of the same author or other books on that topic. The purpose is not product search; business happens with extra efforts.

Some of the services and applications accessed through the cloud are drop boxes, software and services, gaming, industrial storage, and transportation.

Future of Cloud – Intelligent Cloud:

Cloud business intelligence is essential for sales and marketing. The information shared by Forbes is worth considering. Around 66% of organizations give credit to the initiative of Business Intelligence (BI) over the cloud. Sectors like entertainment, financial services, gaming, insurance, retail, wholesale, technology, and education have adopted cloud BI.

As per the survey of Gartner, Inc., the global public cloud services market is likely to grow by17.5 percentage in the year 2019. As compared to 2018, it was $182.4 and in 2019, it will reach $214.3 billion.

Most preferred cloud BI service providers:

  • Amazon AWS – 86% 
  • Microsoft Azure – 82%
  • Google Cloud – 66%
  • IBM Bluemix  – 36%  

What should be your cloud strategy for a better future?

Business centred processes and customer-centric solutions are the base of powerful and intelligent solutions.

You can focus on various aspects:

  • Personalization of dashboards is useful for employees, customers, and stakeholders.
  • Search Interface for customers and prospects.
  • Data mining helps in extracting new data for business.
  • End-users data blending assists to provide better services using their preferences.
  • Social media analysis to find the impact on society
  • Complex event processing tackles problem solving, and situation analysis.
  • Structured real-time reports help to communicate and audit.
  • Execute transactions like inquiry, order processing, and payments to quicken sales process.
  • Data Authentication adds to the security of financial transactions, and user logins.
  • Access to historical datasets is effective in research, forecasts, and predictive analysis.
  • Auto Updates/ Backup, cloud computing ensures better storage space, synchronization of backups, and faster automation. Save on expenses, as there is no need of servers or any external storage facilities for backup.
  • Speedy internal connection in an application or software is a result of advanced technology. It provides a proper flow of information to ensure the faster transfer of data through the hardware.
  • Get digitally ready to shift your software services on the cloud; this transformation requires proper checkpoints and grouping of data.

Intelligent Cloud provides solutions for the rapid growth in application users, business, and implementing advanced technology.

Developing Intelligent Cloud:

  • Get Data Ready
  • Defines Business Services
  • Plan for New or Existing Business Model Update
  • Check Infrastructure Capabilities
  • Micro-services for better Flexibility

Develop Intelligent Cloud with Artificial Intelligence for the unique approach towards business solutions. Digital transformation, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence technologies are giving new multi-facet opportunities of business growth.

Digital business is flourishing like never before with ease of setting up IT infrastructure. Cloud computing is storage and networking services, when combined with AI & ML its capabilities to expand business and markets.

Storage issues no more exist in developing applications. Cloud computing provides system scalability, low-cost resources, and speedy processing power. It allows storage of voluminous data in various formats. Combination of cloud services and AI technology is beneficial for businesses.

If we talk of chatbots they are programmed to recognize text, voice, image, sent by the user. It pulls data from the cloud to send response and actions like diverting to live assistants. Machine learning can enable and empower chatbots to perform cognitive functions, personal assistance, or even replace human interaction. Machine learning is data-dependent and the chatbots learn from past conversations as well as training data to improve assistance.

Data stored on the cloud becomes the repository for the learning and is a source of information for people and machines. It adds to the ability of the response system, and can help to take decisions based on the past interactions as well as historic data.

Intelligent Cloud can innovate in customer service, sales, marketing, production and manufacturing, finance, investments, insurance, education, healthcare, and other fields. It can recommend investing options, various courses, and health checkups. It can compare products and services based on brand, cost, availability, ratings of service providers, criteria selected by user, and even keep your preference on priority.

The intelligent cloud self learns from the accumulated data. This data is the base for suggestive/ corrective actions and business predictions. Currently, the challenges are data availability, accuracy, freshness, usability, and security.

The speed and stability of your internet connection will limit your experience of cloud. It can affect your business applications accessibility and performance.

Conclusion: The demand of Intelligent Cloud is ever increasing, the revenues of Microsoft for the cloud-computing segment is 6.3 US billion to 11.39 US billion in 2019.

The safe deployment services, availability at different zones and low maintenance allows you to adhere to your commitments. Intelligent Cloud lets you engage in your business, add the outreach, lets you implement technology-based solutions, and ensures uninterrupted accessibility.

Current requirements of business indicate that in the next 10 years, most of the companies will implement cloud and they will need no more servers budgeting.

Small, medium, and large companies, as well as start-ups can benefit from cloud services and intelligent cloud. Intelligent cloud is the future of various sectors that are full of ideas of innovation in products and services.

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