Developing Enterprise Applications using Microservices Architecture

Microservices Architecture is basically a distinctive method to develop a software system. For many developers, this method has become a preferred tool for developing enterprise applications. Microservice architecture is given preference because it is scalable. It means that it supports variety of platforms and devices, especially internet, mobile, computer and wearable or if you are not sure what more you will require in such cloudy situation.

Characteristics of Microservice Architecture:

  • Componentization of system is a special feature in Microservices. It has the ability to replace each piece being independent from other. It is also the ability to replace part of a system.
  • Automation of infrastructure where continuous delivery being mandatory.
  • It provides the feature of decentralizing data management which means that there will be different database for each service instead of one database for the whole system.
  • It has smart end points and dumb pipes which eradicates the use of an Enterprise Service Bus.
  • Organization is based around business capabilities rather than technology.
  • The components here use simple methods of communication like Simple Restish protocol.
  • The facility of decentralize components where every independent component can use their standard method of development.Microservices ArchitectureAdvantage of Microservice Architecture:

Microservices allow the developer to deploy and redeploy a particular component by redefining it. It also means that the components can be broken down into multiple pieces and can be used as independent component for different use without compromising with the integrity of the application.

Other Advantages:

  • In Microservices, codes for different services can be written in different language.
  • In case if one of the Microservice fails then the other will work and will have no impact. The process is called Better fault Isolation.

Apart from these, Microservice Architecture allows reusability and lots of scalability. This makes this method much more preferable than any other method. It also increases the autonomy of the developing team.

Disadvantage of Microservice Architecture:

The drawback lies in developing an independent system which may be very painful as one can have to write unnecessary programing codes in order to make it function. Transaction management and multiple database can be a painful process for the user. Thought the system under Microservices will be independent but there must some coordination between them and sometimes having independent components can make it difficult for the developer.

In the last, despite of drawbacks or other complexity, Microservices has been implemented by many organizations like Amazon, Twitter, PayPal, EBay and Netflix and many more. In the last few year, Microservices has seen huge rise in use which shows the level of success and its importance in today’s architecture industry.

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