Migration from SharePoint on Premise to SharePoint Online on Office 365

If you are planning to migrate from SharePoint on Premise to SharePoint online, you should assess that which SharePoint capabilities are best for implementation in your Office 365 environment.

Analysis of accessible SharePoint Environment

It is important for you to deeply analyze the current environment of your SharePoint before you decide to migrate. The analysis should highly be focused on the SharePoint contents and workloads that you are planning to move to SharePoint Online.  After the analysis is performed, you will get a crystal clear understanding of the content and customization you have on your On-Premise setting.

After the analysis is done, you should now create content and customization road map that will cover exactly what content and customization will move to SharePoint Online and how they will be moved. For every customization you will need to decide if you want to provide that precise functionality in your SharePoint Environment. In the next step, you will be needed to authenticate if the customization can be applied as sandboxed solution or not.

Content Migration

The most common method of manually moving your content to SharePoint Online is by attaching the SharePoint Library to the SharePoint Workspace. Now, one can further upload the contents to SharePoint Workspace and later it would automatically get the files synchronized to SharePoint Online. Another popular method is to use the ability of SharePoint to upload numerous files which will allow you to upload batches of documents instantly.

Below is the method illustrated on how Office 365 gives method for migrating numerous files to SharePoint Online.

  • Microsoft FastTrack: Microsoft FastTrack is a method used for tools and guidance while migrating one’s data to cloud.
  • SPO Migration Content Roadmap: To form migration import job Office 365, one can use SPO migration API and queue it up for afterward processing by a separate timer job.
  • Windows PoweShell cmdlets for SPO Migration Public Preview: If you want to transfer content from an on-premises SharePoint or an on-premise file share site office 365, you can use Windows PowerShell cmdlets for SPO Migration Public Preview.

It is important to validate whether the tool meets your migration requirements before choosing the migration tool to transfer your SharePoint content. Also, it is important to check whether it supports all the SharePoint relics you want to migrate. Refer towards the third party tool’s documentation and calculate what preparation steps your organization will require to implement.

SP migration approach

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