.Net Assignment


You are working for a small company that sells clothing online. They have recently launched a new feature on their website where customers can design their own t-shirts using an online design tool. The company wants to collect all the design information from the customers and save it to a database so they can use it for future marketing campaigns.


You have been tasked with creating an ASP.NET MVC application that allows customers to design their own t-shirts and saves the design information to a database.

Here are the specific requirements:

The application should have a home page where customers can start the design process by clicking a button.

When the button is clicked, the customer should be taken to a page where they can select the color and size of the t-shirt they want to design.

Once the customer selects the color and size, they should be taken to the design page where they can use a simple drawing tool to create their design.

The design tool should allow the customer to select different colors and brush sizes.

Once the customer is finished with their design, they should be able to save it to the database by clicking a “Save” button.

The database should have a table called “Designs” that has the following columns:

DesignId (int, primary key)

Color (varchar)

Size (varchar)

DesignData (varchar)

CreatedDate (datetime)

The DesignData column should store the design information as a JSON string.

After the design is saved, the customer should be taken to a confirmation page that displays their design information.

Submission Instructions

To submit your ASP.NET MVC assignment, please follow these steps:

Zip the entire project folder.

Upload the zipped folder to a cloud storage platform (such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive).

Share the link to the zipped folder on joinus@anarsolutions.com


You can use any freely available tools and frameworks to complete this assignment, including jQuery, Angular, React, or any other front-end library or framework.

You should focus on the functionality and meeting the requirements first before adding any additional features.

You don’t need to worry about the design and styling of the application as long as it is functional and meets the requirements.

You should try to complete the assignment within 45 minutes.

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