Scrum Vs SAFe

Companies that highly relied on Scrum are now turning their back towards Scrum and are now investing in Scaled Agile Framework. SAFe has been claimed to be a successful framework while Scrum seems to be fading away. Therefore it is necessary to do a comparison between both of them.

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Scrum is basically a tool used to break a project into small and manageable pieces that can be done by a cross functional team within the prescribed period of time. Scrum relies on three processes in order to plan, organize, administer and optimize a process. They are;

  • The product owner who is responsible for initial planning, organizing and making communication with the company.
  • The Scrum master whose responsibility is to look after the job during each sprint.
  • The team members whose job is to execute the job prescribed for each such sprint.


Scaled Agile Framework is little different from Scrum as it includes the whole organization within its framework unlike Scrum that is based only for small pool of people. It consumes the whole enterprise and not just a team and it is meant for covering what Scrum cannot cover. SAFe focuses on program management, portfolio management and team management. It also stresses on release planning and retrospect in order to make improvement which Scrum somehow lacks.

There are three important parts of SAFe:

  • Agile Software Development
  • Lean Product Development
  • System Thinking

Major Differences:

The major difference lies in the way they handle work. Scrum is basically for small teams to organize and manage their work while SAFe is for the whole organization. Scrum misses many important aspects which the SAFe manages to contain within. Scrum looks simple but is hard to implement on the ground.

Other grounds that differentiates:

SAFe has been subject to major criticism as well. There are various points that have been raised. Some critics say that this framework lacks maturity and fails in field testing. Some say that it is over simplified and fits in all cases because it is designed for various consultancies.

There are too many regulations that make it less practical in nature whereas some say that is the nature of Agile. Though all these criticism will continue to happen, SAFe has remained vindicated because of its framework and looks that it will continue to dominate over Scrum and other such agile frameworks.

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