3 Traits of Successful Outsourcing Engagements

We come across many outsourcing stories every day. Some of them show positive side i.e. successful outsourcing engagements and some of them show grey side of outsourcing.

I believe that for any relationship to work out, efforts needs to be taken from both parties. If everyone is working towards common goal then results are going to be positive.

I have listed some of the common traits of successful outsourcing engagements here:

  • High Trust Relationship – It takes time and lots of efforts from Service Provider as well as Client to build Trust. One cannot build the trust in relationship overnight. It takes even more efforts when Client and Service provider are in different geographies with different cultures. Trust is absolutely necessary for success of any outsourced project.
  • Driven by goal instead of numbers – When Client and Service provider are committed for success of Project, it focuses all their energy towards it. This makes all numbers like cost, efforts, time transactional by product of the process.
  • Understand Why – Most of us have heard the story where Client wants to build a bicycle and service provider delivers something too different to be useful for Client.

If Service provider understands and shares client’s vision for this product then there are less chances of misunderstanding at such high level.

As I mentioned earlier, it takes efforts from both sides to make the association work.

Please feel free to share your views about the points I have made here.


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