ASP.NET vs Node.js

ASP.NET vs Node.js

ASP.NET vs Node.js – ASP.NET is an open-source web development framework developed by Microsoft for programmers so that they can build dynamic web pages, websites, and web services. Node.js is also an open-source cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment that is used for developing a diverse variety of applications and server tools.

The point here is to define which one of the two is better for users. Before we draw a conclusion on which of the following is better, we need to understand that each of the following has different specialties and therefore we need to draw a conclusion based on this.

ASP.NET vs Node.js
ASP.NET vs Node.js

Comparison between ASP.NET vs Node.js Based on Language:

ASP.NET supports C language while Node.js supports JavaScript. Most programmers find it easy to work in the C language but time will come where you have to use multiple languages including JavaScript. Therefore avoiding JavaScript is inevitable.

Growing Trend:

Presently, Node.js draws major attraction from global players like PayPal, Netflix, Uber, LinkedIn, eBay, and many others. Though ASP.NET works better than Node.js, usage of Node.js by global players draws the attention of people and thus it works as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Autonomy of Platform:

By going through the present situation, you will less likely to find ASP.NET users these days. Most of them are already using Node.js. The situation arises when you have to work from a non- Mac system. Difficulties will arise while addressing the length of file paths. One can blame Microsoft or Node.js but you can’t deny the truth.

Comparison between ASP.NET vs Node.js In Terms of Development Tools:

You will find it easy to work from both of them. One can develop ASP.NET from Sublime or Mono Develop while Node.js can be developed by using IDE. Most people for standard development use Visual Studio and Resharper for ASP.NET while programmers use Webstorm for Node.js.

Hosting Packages:

You will less likely find hosts for ASP.NET or Node.js. There are rare chances or job offers in the market and most of the programmers prefer setting up their own Linux web server.


While comparing both, one can easily find that Node.js has several advantages over ASP.NET. If you want to go for a dynamic and fast-growing ecosystem with every possible tool then you can bet on Node.js. If you believe that you are okay with the present technology and you can wait for the next update in ASP.NET and you enjoy using C# then you are right in using ASP.NET.

Productivity and efficiency can be high on both platforms. The choice depends on particular reasons. Most of the options are available in .NET therefore a similar and equal conclusion can be drawn between these two. The choice between the two better is left on the user.

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