Understanding Hybrid IT: Hybrid Information Technology

Understanding Hybrid IT: Hybrid Information Technology

Hybrid involves the amalgamation of two distinct things into one thing to produce some better result. Hybrid IT is therefore a new concept where two distinct types of clouds amalgamate to form a distinct service. In this, private and public cloud amalgamates to form Hybrid IT. This allows a firm to maintain a centralized approach towards IT governance.

How Hybrid IT Empowers IT Firms:

Hybrid IT provides the IT firms to exercise flexibility over the data storage. The data they want to store in clouds can be stored in cloud servers while the data that they feel is confidential can be kept in their private storage server. This gives the IT firms a flexibility to smoothly manage their firm.

Forces that are Empowering Hybrid IT:

There are mainly three forces that are empowering Hybrid IT: The need of an enterprise to maintain the data flow, the cost-effectiveness of cloud components such as storage as a service and software as a service, while the last one is the desire of an IT department to respond in the quickest way to the constantly and fast changing business requirements.

Hybrid IT is also known to be Hybrid Cloud where the private cloud vendor forms a partnership with a public cloud provider or vice versa where the public cloud providers form a partnership with private cloud platforms.

Uses of Hybrid IT:

Apart from providing security to sensitive data, Hybrid IT has many other uses as well. Cloud bursting is a method where the private cloud is transferred to the public cloud when it runs out of capacity. The other use is to split a system where some components run on private cloud while some run on public cloud. The use of such methods is quite limited as cloud computing is still in its nascent stage.

There are cases where the using firm gradually transfers its data from private cloud to the public one. The problem of going entirely with private cloud is its cost while the public cloud is still cost effective. Going for entire public cloud is still risky as no firm wants to transfer every data on public cloud due to risk of exposure therefore hybrid IT works for them.

Future of Hybrid IT:

The present is certainly not dead or stagnant for Hybrid IT and the future looks promising. A survey claims that{837330d4a8ef7eefea6ad76a2e6c839eeae477cba1366427bd0e21e978eaa9aa} of the IT firms are thinking to go for Hybrid It and a small proportion have already invested in it who are presently using private cloud and these are increasingly getting connected to the public cloud.

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