Angular 2 Benefits

Programmers are familiar with the term Angular as they associate it with API and application development. Angular is a platform for the development of desktop web and mobile applications. Angular 2 is an update to the original Angular JS framework. The recent update features Typescript, making it the closest version possible to Java 8. Here are we have listed few Angular 2 benefits over previous versions of Angular.
One of the most definitive advantages of Angular 2 over the original JS version is in the ease of use. It is easier and offers a lot of scope for learning when compared to the rigid version of JS. The framework follows a stream of JavaScript classes that can be built on top of each other, layer over layer. There are components to work with rather than directives and controllers. The ease of use is a welcome surprise to many Angular programmers as the API of the framework is now much easier to read and features less jargon. Budding programmers would now be able to explore and use every feature of the framework.


TypeScript integration
The updated version of Angular is now equipped with Typescript. Typescript is packed with several new ES2016+ features that were missing in the previous version. Angular 2 was written in TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript that implements many new ES2016+ features. An example of the new features is clearly seen in the framework design of angular 2 which now allows for a better, sophisticated, and significantly improved development ecosystem. By focusing on making the framework easier for computers to process, Angular 2 allows for a much richer development ecosystem.

Performance on Mobile
Keeping up with the development of mobile device technology, smartphones in particular that are now powered by competent processors, Angular 2’s core design was centred for mobile. The developers behind Angular 2 have considered every parameter and limitation of mobile devices including a limited screen size, less hardware, and rigid interface accessibility. Angular 2 is also equipped with Native script, an open source that bridges the gap between JavaScript and mobile. This ensures the portability of the framework.

Project Architecture and Maintenance
The project architecture shifted to incorporate best practices in programming and a community-driven structure. Unlike the first version that offered way too much flexibility that rendered users puzzled, the updated version features minor elements of rigidity that allow for the development of generic web applications.

Other benefits:
• Cross Platform utility in terms of Mac, windows, and Linux.
• Zero-step installation.
• Mobile application development through Ionic Framework, NativeScript, and React Native.
• Ability to access native OS APIs.
• Angular’s code is optimized modern JavaScript virtual machines.
• Speed is significantly improved with a simple and efficient template syntax.

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