Angular 2

Before knowing about Angular 2 , you must have some basic ideas about Angular. Angular is nothing but a web application framework, this framework is based on mainly the open source front end. An individual community and Google mainly maintain it. The framework of Angular is on the first step read from the HTML page, This HTML page is embedded into a custom attribute of the tag which is additional.

Angular JS2The Basic Idea of Using Angular 2

The Angular is used on certain websites such as the NBC, ABC News, Walgreens, Sprint, Intel and Wolfram Alpha. This was mainly built with the idea of connecting components of software and creation of user interfaces when declarative program is on use. Now you will be knowing about the Angular JS2  whose main work is kick starting an application or MVP. Angular 2  is also known as Angular 2. When more features came to existence the team of angular made a decision of rewriting the old frame work with a new one with more features which is termed as the Angular 2. Between Angular JS and Angular 2  there is a presence of migration path which is known as the ng-upgrades. For the making of single page application advance features are provided by Angular 2.

Components of Angular 2

The elements are offered by angular 2 instead of offering the controllers typical of the MVC architecture. Angular JS2  contains a very less number of directives when compared to Angular JS. It is a modular frame wok. A module encapsulates each piece of functionality and for other parts of application a service is exposed in Angular JS2 .

Different Modules of Angular 2

There are two types of modules in an Angular 2 . With the user’s own application code the use of module is promoted by the Angular 2 . There were a lot of old cruft present in angular JS which was replaced and developed in Angular 2 . It is not easy to upgrade the applications of Angular JS to Angular 2 , it is a different framework from that of Angular JS but Angular 2  is based on the same path of ideas of the Angular JS. In case of the application of Angular 2  it consist of the component where each of the component consist of metadata, class and template. So this much introduction is enough to give you a basic idea about the Angular 2 .

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