Application Maintenance: How Latest and Legacy Systems Rely!

For any enterprise, maintenance and support of their components in a system is very important. For effective use of their resources, apart from skills, it is also important to maintain the applications in proper condition. This article will focus on application maintenance and how legacy systems rely on the tool. The primary step in maintenance involves the process of modification or upgrading of the software support package for all applications right after delivery to client. Based on the modification, it is done as per client’s needs and post feedback, all updates are sent.


Application Maintenance and Support

Application maintenance is analogous to medical checkups and is required for proper health and function of the application in the system. Application maintenance is carried out with client’s requirements in mind. Application maintenance is classified under four categories, where in the first category is only for emergencies and urgent support. Secondly, application maintenance is carried out for errors that are rectified post-delivery. Thirdly, there is corrective maintenance for application maintenance of defective software. Fourth and last, there is an adaptive maintenance wherein the maintenance is sent in the form of support packages that are updated for the system for complying with new restrictions.

Legacy Systems

Most of the application maint techniques are employed for support and maint. of legacy systems and technology. These legacy systems are applications, programs, and other technologies that are now out-dated. These out-dated systems are termed so as they need help for rectification. Legacy systems aid in reducing cost factors ensuring that the most cost-effective approach is taken. A single system is enough to establish or continue as a legacy system, if required other systems can be pooled to form a legacy system.

Need for Application Maintenance on Legacy System

As legacy systems are now globally available and are expanding at a high rate in a world, that is technology driven, it is important to maintain and support these legacy Systems. Application support of legacy systems also includes the real-time check as well as rectifies any potential errors for seamless use of software applications after delivery. Even though systems are outdated, many organizations around the world resort to legacy systems for application maintenance.  As applications are based on a single client, there is always a possibility of defective software in the applications for the client and is henceforth recommended to follow app maint on legacy systems.

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