ASP.Net Zero – Key Features to develop Cloud Native Applications


ASP.Net Zero is the commencing point in the creation of the web, mobile and cloud-native apps. It is a strong foundation of ideas that have proof of concepts, contains readymade solutions for standard web solutions. It contains pre-built Visual Studio solutions containing full source code making ASP.Net Zero. Intuitive understanding of front end speeds of project development.

Develop Cloud Native Applications on public, private, and hybrid clouds with ASP.Net Zero for creating scalable modern applications.

Why do we need Cloud Native Applications?

  • It allows usage of one codebase across platforms for multiple deployments
  • Better version control helps to meet the requirements of various devices
  • It clears off all machine dependencies of the applications
  • Lets you design an app that reads its own configuration from the environment
  • Storing configurations that vary across the deployments  is not feasible
  • Keep the build and run stages separate, it improves planning
  • Ensures reliability and portability of applications
  • Modern tools are capable to build the cloud native applications
  • Concurrent needs of the users can be taken care by deploying multiple copies of the application
  • Cloud native applications take lesser time to start and shut down and face lesser issues of crash down
ASP.Net Zero

Key Features of ASP.Net Zero to develop Cloud Native Applications:

Profile and User Management:

  • ASP.Net Zero lets you include and maintain the hierarchy or systems developed and authorities assigned to the users of applications
  • Added security with complex password patterns as a requirement of an app can e designed
  • Connecting the application account to the social media accounts is the need of the hour and is well taken care of
  • Connect the accounts to Facebook, Google+, and Twitter
  • Introducing  protection for data and inserting validations that meet criteria of access to a section or feature in the app
  • The logging is controlled with validations and security or automatic management
  • Maintaining log, its audit and automated log deletion on a preset period

User Interface & Localization:

  • Ability to create multiple layouts and an app that has a responsive design
  • Set the application screen and even personalize the layout, header, footer, and menu
  • Develop applications rapidly using ASP.Net Zero by creating the basic level UI and control UI localization
  • You can simply add different languages and even translate the page in user-selected languages like French, German, and Spanish, etc. It works perfectly due to RTL and LTR support (Right to Left & Left to Right)
  • The admin panel lets you work on different projects independent of location specific and a view that displays different users from various categories

Knowledgebase of Frameworks:

  • The ASP.Net Zero framework uses advance technologies such as .NET 4.6v or .NET Core 2.0v  for the cross-platform support
  • AutoMapper lets you set boundaries between UI/Domain layers
  • The framework uses Angular and Bootstrap providing limitless opportunities
  • ASP.NET Boilerplate to automate the most common tasks in development cycle
  • Develop various solutions for web applications ASP.Net Core3x and jQuery, this is possible due to .NET framework 4.6.1
  • Backend solutions are result of integration with XAMARIN mobile applications
  • Build single page applications (SPA) for the web using Web API, ASP.NET MVC 5.x, and AngularJS 1.x


  • Available SignalR integrations for real-time system notifications, and chat
  • Hangfire Pro integration performs the background processing for applications developed in .NET and .NET Core immediately or as scheduled and boosts the performance of large applications too
  • Twilio API is a programmable messaging platform that delivers messages and notifications in real-time. It incorporates messaging, voice and video to reach the customers via their preferred channels.
  • IdentityServer4 integration identifies the windows users, authorizes a user by checking user info and credentials, checks the current sessions
  • GraphQL API is a manipulation language for APIs, this open-source data query is the latest method of building querying APIs. The knowledge of HTTP or other APIs is not required and GraphQL develop better compared to rest of the APIs for 3rd party clients

Developers save time so they prefer ASP.Net Zero for its Benefits listed below:

  • It is tested on PaaS providers like Azure and AWS making it highly reliable for cloud native applications
  • You can create a public website using ASP.NET Core/MVC
  • Enterprise requirements pre-implemented and complete source code make using ASP.Net Zero effortless.
  • Clean and easy to use architecture lets us handle tricky codes; target different business needs, better co-ordination among components even for complex systems and improves code maintainability.
  • Cloud native development is not specific host dependent.
  • Enjoy trouble-free business coding for those special requirements of developing processes.
  • Reduces costs, lets you deal with technical challenges that improve the performance of the applications.
  • This well crafted foundation for Enterprise and SaaS accelerates system development processes.
  • Automate the repetitive jobs in the applications and change the source code as needed to address the business idea, without restrictions.
  • Builds and releases of small and large projects if automated you can adhere to the quality of code.
  • Automate testing for phase wise release and faster release
  • It is highly beneficial if you have cloud applications running across platforms.
  • It takes care of multiple basic aspects like authentication, security, role management, user and permission management, audit log, multi-tenancy, localization, and exception handling for applications.
  • The multi-tenancy implementation makes it feasible to save efforts on the SaaS development.
  • Configurable settings with management infrastructure enable host and tenant specific settings on pages.
  • With localization these applications work efficiently and have low latency, the processing of data of high volumes with minimum delay is what this network provides, and this has a direct relation to the performance.
  • Available integrations with ASP.Net Core, ASP.Net, jQuery, and Angular Js. eases the programming
  • Detailed documentation allows us to customize every part of code with the pre-built functionalities of ASP.Net Zero.
  • It enables you in delivering powerful and engaging applications.
  • The framework is pre-configured to deploy as Docker containers
  • You can avoid the machine –based dependencies.
  • Define Webhooks as required and connect different applications to work as triggers for specific events. It collects relevant and accurate data in real-time.
  • Support for users, tenants and applications in several countries
  • Inbuilt health check feature for cloud native applications  is a huge support system of developers
  • The license type of this framework plays a role for a number of products the platform is allowed to use for, the best part is that the functionality across all licenses is same
  • Hangfire Pro integration lets you chain multiple batches and the background jobs are executed sASP.Net Zero – Key Features to develop Cloud Native Applicationsoon after completion of jobs that parent batch contains
  • Combining all necessary functionalities lets developers make the applications that customers prefer and await

Limitations of ASP.Net Zero:

  • Removing the unnecessary advance level functionality is impossible.
  • No auto upgrade for the latest release of features
  • Time to study and sense to implement the latest features in software is time consuming.
  • Keep libraries of framework updated for making accurate use of ASP.Net Zero for the development of cloud native applications.
  • Does not support and it lacks React and Vue frontend apps
  • Hangfire Pro integration will not perform background jobs in case of exceptions

Final Thoughts:

ASP.Net Zero is a choice of by many companies across the globe and is popular open source framework that assists in faster time to market. Pre-built features save time and effort largely. Speed in the development process has an unmatched solution of ASP.Net Zero. It is an ultimate solution for professional cloud native applications to empower the organizations.

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