Building a Global App with Azure PaaS

Azure is based on cloud computing that manages the application of the web, mobile API, and logical features. It works as Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) which makes the person stay focus on business logic and all the applications are taken care by Microsoft Azure.


Choice of language:

The app service used in a web application is not limited to few languages. The applications can be easily shared or make used in dedicated virtual machines. All the application codes are managed by VM which is fully customer isolated. The coding of the application can be done is the languages that are supported by the Azure App service. These languages are consisting of all major languages that are being used nowadays like Python, PHP, JAVA, ASP.NET and few others.

Mobility of using the Apps:

All the apps at one place give the user a mobility to use and check without rushing for other devices. The application of Azure gives the mobility to be used on mobile for on running apps. This gives the user to stay in touch with every communication with employees, clients, and customers. One app is more than enough to keeps all another useful app to stay in touch.

Deploying the Apps:

There are three easy ways in which the apps can be deployed

  • Auto deploys: The FTP or FTPS files are moved automatically via FileZilla or NetBeans. The option of Web Deploy is also present which directly deploys all the Microsoft tools in the IIS servers. In most cases, all the apps are saved and then a person can remove the apps that they do not like.
  • Manual Deploy: In this type of Deploying the user chooses the application that they want to deploy with their respective FTP utilities. The major benefit of manual deploy is that the user knows where the files are going and can increase security.
  • Cloud Deploy: This is a very interesting deploy method. Just sync the files or folders to cloud service of Microsoft storage like OneDrive or Dropbox. Since it is synchronized the deployment is performed in one click. All the functions of restoring and automation are available.

Enhance the range of application to become Global:

Once the Business application gets connected with Microsoft Azure then they can be checked from anywhere. It is beneficial for old organizations as well as new ones two. All open source web platforms like Umbraco, Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal are supported by Azure.

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