Client Focus

Client is the main part of any business organization and client satisfaction is the most important issue for its success. An organization’s orientation moves toward serving its clients’ needs. Having Client focus is usually a strong contributor to the overall success of a business and involves ensuring that all aspects of the company put its customers’ satisfaction first. In general, the model of client satisfaction can be split into two sections – Differentiators and Essentials.


  • Differentiators set you apart from the crowd as you actively demonstrate trust, openness and respect, pro-activity, anticipation of problems and problem solving, communication, planning and work shopping, team working etc.
  • Essentials are required for quality, cost and time predictability, resources, health and safety, appropriate experience and expertise, financial stability etc. An organization will excel to both of its internal or external clients by focusing efforts on discovering and meeting their needs.

To make apt responses to clients’ requests an organization needs to meet client needs by effectively responding to requests, working efficiently to satisfy client and organizational expectations.

At AnAr Solutions, we maintain professionalism, remain helpful and responsive to all our clients’ needs, seek clear understanding of client requirements and outcomes, gain acceptance for ideas and solutions before proceeding to the next step. An organization must communicates in a language that the client understands and consults the client in clarifying priorities.

To build up positive client relations organizations must maintain ongoing communications and interaction with clients to anticipate and prevent potential problems, keep clients up-to-date with information and decisions that affect them, balances client requests with other priorities (e.g. safety regulations). They should clearly represents risks and liabilities to client and seeks feedback about client satisfaction and outlines and explains the benefits of proposed solutions.


To evaluates and adapt to the clients’ focus an organization must adhere to the following:

  • Identify benefits for the clients and looks for ways to add value and looks for opportunities to save money or resources for client.
  • Adapt methods, schedules, equipment, products or solutions to meet client needs and responds to changes in project scope by re-negotiating deliverables, work plans, etc.
  • Know how to distinguish client desire and client need in order to define realistic expectations and involve clients in assessing service, solutions or products to determine ways to improve service.

To measure customer satisfaction a we at AnAr Solutions, have framed specific client oriented policies. They can obtain complains through their customer service center and encourage further suggestions from the customers to satisfy their future needs.

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