Definition of Done (DoD)     


Definition of Done (DoD)  is mostly a software development word and is used in agile software development and agile project management. Put simply, it is a specification of measures that a product or project must fulfil to be considered accomplished. The team collaboratively develops and come to an understanding to all the requirements, such as: the program is coded to criteria, reviewed, executed, tested, integrated and documented. On the whole, it puts forward the exit condition of a project delivery or the situation the minute testers can mark a customer story as complete. It is vital to a greatly functioning Scrum team and you need to ponder the following characteristics 

Definition of Done (DoD)   

It offers a lot of predictable profits. They are as follows: 

  • The definition of Done delivers a list which practically guides pre-implementation accomplishments: chat, valuation and design 
  • The Definition of Done restricts the charge of redraft once a story has been acknowledged as done. 
  • Having a clear agreement restricts the possibility of misinterpretation and struggle between the development team and the prospective clientele.   

On the other hand, it is imperative to note that the general nature of the definition of done has some joint consequences too. They are as follows: 

  • The delivered list needs to describe the minutest work mostly necessary to acquire a project growth to the done state. 
  • External dependencies are there and the definition of done changes with time, which means it, is not static.  
  • Also, not all value-added actions will be relevant to each feature as the definition of done is projected to be a widespread list. The project members have to deliberately select the applicability of value-added actions on a feature-by-feature basis.  


The definition of done is rectilinear to customer approval methods (here, practical approval) for a feature. All and all, we can say that the Definition of Done is a remarkable agile exercise to benefit the project team members to design and fulfil work. It is mandatory that the project team members should collaborate and come up with the definition suiting the needs and environment. Feedback and brainstorming sessions with the team members is suggested to help improve the definition of done

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