DevOps Needs to Become DevOpsSec!

DevOps seeks to bridge the development and operations divide through the establishment of a culture of trust and shared interest among individuals in organizations. However, this vision is incomplete without the incorporation of information security, which represents yet another silo in IT.The purpose and intent of DevSecOps is to build on the mindset that “everyone is responsible for security” with the goal of safely distributing security decisions at speed and scale to those who hold the highest level of context without sacrificing the safety required.

Think of DevOpsSec —sometimes called “Rugged DevOps” or “security at speed”—as a set of best practices designed to help organizations implant secure coding deep in the heart of their DevOps development and deployment processes. The goal is to automate secure coding and security tests and fixes within the workflow, making secure software an inherent outcome of DevOps approaches.


With customer focus comes the benefit of aligning business and security strategies to ensure just right, just enough security that everyone in an organization can support and implement. With Advancement in technology many types of compliances have become a necessity for businesses and their Clients. Clients want to know that their sensitive data is being protected. To ensure information security and data integrity of customers, DevSecOps mindset, here, plays an important role!

Security professionals should not think of themselves as gate keepers, rather they are the innovators who need to be agile and scale up very fast to quickly solve customer problems.

Handling huge security data and scrutinizing them is another pain area. Providing security Information for fast decisions is actually becoming an art form!
Objective criteria can help business professionals know how, when, and in what order to improve the security profile of its business resources.

On the other hand Organisations need to turn the tables and become the hunters instead of the hunted.

Proactive Hunting needs to be done in order to achieve this, organisations need to become less reliant on technology to defend them. They also need to make better use of their best security assets – their people – who work collaboratively may it be development, Operations or Security! Also, effective access control is not just about putting up barriers to entry. It should also enable more visibility into what specific employees are doing within specific systems. With all of these other principles in mind, it is necessary to ensure that continuous detection and response is put in place in order to complete information discovery and real-time attack detection. DevSecOps requires continuous detection, comparison, correlation and response to mitigate the lack of attack analysis derived from gating processes and paper based controls.

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