Disney and Client Focus

Disney and Client Focus

Disney World, LET THE MAGIC BEGIN! Truly magical experience for families and not only kids. Couple of years back, I have experienced the magic myself. I have my own set of magical memories. Along with that, I experienced Disney.

We were waiting by the pavement for afternoon parade. Everyone was so excited. Crew members were busy cleaning, clearing streets and other preparations for the parade. It was almost the time, when a toddler seating besides spilled his entire pop-corn basket. Parents were busy trying to take care of the situation and we were watching, little worried, on what happens next.

There came a crew member, I thought, she will get upset as the road was just cleaned and Parade was almost there. To my surprise, she ran towards pop-corn vendor and got the basket refilled. In the meantime, another member cleaned the road. Happiness restored again!

Client FocusI was pleasantly surprised at the swiftness and competence of those crew members. That lady had made sure that all guests waiting for parade can enjoy it fully without any background crying and whining toddler.

Story remained with me ever since. Once back from vacation, I read a lot about Disney Values and how they create magic every day, guided by lighthouse values laid by Walt Disney, when he said, “My business is making people, especially children, happy”, After half a century, it still remains.

When AnAr was born, so was my dream to make AnAr Disney for Software Services Industry. Every team member at AnAr keeps Client’s best interest above their own. Our journey towards Customer Focus is still in infancy with intent, attitude and mission to take it to next level every day.

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