Empowering women!! – Navratri Special

Respecting women for the entire year would be a greatest Pooja this Navratri!

We at AnAr empower women by focusing on their continuous learning and help in their career development. To honor the determination and dedication of our female team members we make sure we enable them to tread the career path by equipping them with necessary skills, facilitate their quest for a better ‘work – life’ balance.

We are Proud of the direction laid by our Director and founder Rupashri Gulawani. Rupashri’s guidance motivates all the team members in today’s world. Today’s women, as told by Author and researcher Rashmi Bansal are a perfect example of being: Lakshmi (entrepreneurs who enlisted family support), Durga (women who overcame hindrances and victimhood and battled hard for success) and Saraswati (educated other women team members). The atmosphere at AnAr definitely helps in being a better individual!

Shilpi Dua has been working with our testing team and hats off to her dedication and skills in maintaining the work- life balance. Her determination to get the ball rolling in difficult times is definitely worth a mention! Devashri Laxne, at a young age, is taking care of all the HR and administration responsibilities.

We make sure we take on relevant projects that would facilitate women to pursue their careers and senior development team members like Yogita Bhole are managing them along with doing the social cause of funding underprivileged girls.

Team Members like Yashashri Vankudre, Sheetal Shelar and Mili Yadav are proving to be a perfect example of self-responsibility and self-determination. Their commitment to work is fostered by the able leadership at AnAr. With leaders like Priyanak Kolhatkar and Priyanka Joshi we make sure we establish high-level corporate leadership for gender equality. They make sure we impart trainings, implement enterprise development practices, which empower women.

We strongly believe that women should have equal socio-economic, cultural and political opportunities as men. With this ideology in mind, we are attempting to achieve a 50:50 ratio for both genders, at AnAr.

Choosing IT as a preferred career choice, Supriya Charapalle and Nikhila Nimbalkar, the campus selected girls at AnAr – are happy with the decision. We are providing hands on training programs to enhance soft / leadership skills to make them more effective and enable them to take on higher responsibilities. Team members like Geeta Ingale and Ulka Sutar are also glad as they are provided with mentoring / counseling by team AnAr.

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