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Enterprise mobility is what Internet was a couple of decades back for enterprise and its transitions in terms of technology and usage. It’s about making sure that all the investments that an enterprise has done in IT over the years is accessible to employees wherever they are. In the modern work environment, the employees are away from their desk most of the time. It’s a common trend to work from outside the office premises using mobile and cloud technology support.

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How it works:

Mobility of corporate data and is not just confined to mobile workers or devices. Enterprise mobility is the base foundation of the enterprise’s digital agenda; both inwards looking, targeted at employees and external, targeted at enterprise’s digital consumers. And of course, most importantly how it is executed. Think of a situation when an employee uploads a client presentation from the company computer to the cloud storage facility and then accesses it from any mobile device like a personal iPad to show it to the client at their place.

The above situation may improve employee productivity but at the same time it also involves security risks. A strong acceptable usage policy for the employees needs to be created that ultimately can contribute to a successful enterprise mobility management strategy.

Enterprise mobility focuses on two key issues:

  1. Business use of consumer mobile technology, where smartphone owners use their personal devices for enterprise-related activities, and
  2. Security, because sensitive enterprise data should not be compromised easily, which requires a set of systems intended to prevent unauthorized access to enterprise applications and/or corporate data on mobile devices.

Security issues:

Enterprise mobility is especially complicated for mobile application development companies and may involve anything from the latest smart phones or handheld devices to wireless services and newest computing architectures. The existing enterprise security solutions may not fit in all cases and keeping in sync with the latest trends in enterprise mobility without developing highly portable skill sets is a big challenge. Enterprise mobility management therefore involves people, processes and technology altogether, focusing on the following issues to manage mobile devices, networks, and other handheld computing services in a business context.

  • Proposed solutions include password protection, encryption and/or remote wipe technology.
  • Centrally managed and enforced security policies.
  • Programmed device management systems to support and cooperate with the application programming interfaces (APIs) from various device makers to increase security compliance.
  • Encrypted data transfer between mobile device and the enterprise through a VPN tunnel or over HTTPS with two-factor authentication.

Available solutions:

Keeping the above issues in mind, at AnAr Solutions we design and develop native and multi-platform enterprise mobility solutions across industry-prevalent operating systems by adopting various cross-platform frameworks like HTML5, JavaScript, Titanium, PhoneGap, JQueryMobile, etc.

  • We design mobile applications for various industry needs across multiple OS platforms like iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.
  • AnAr Solutions provide a wide experience in customized enterprise applications on Mobile that run with Cloud backend.
  • We expertise in responsive Mobile website development and Mobile UX/UI Design. We also offer Mobile Application Migration services to different platforms.
  • As enterprise mobility grows you need expensive Mobile Application Testing. We offer a comprehensive solution to ensure desired user experience and expected business value.
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