Why Enterprises and Start-ups leaning towards Automation Testing?

Why Enterprises and Start-ups leaning towards Automation Testing

Applications and products are made on a daily basis and they are tested thoroughly, still they have defects. Testers make every effort to catch them in advance prior to the release of the product/application. On the other hand, they always arise and come back, even with the finest manual testing procedures. To combat this situation, test automation software is the finest method to upsurge the efficiency, productivity and handling of your software testing. How to go about selecting the right tool fitting the parameters of your requirement? Let us delve into it to get a befitting solution to this problem.

Norms for tool selection for Automation Testing

With a stern competition and ever increasing business needs, there is a burden on IT firms to provide high-quality products using less resource, in less time. This quandary can be controlled by pondering on a few things listed below to yield huge benefits:

  • First and foremost, you need to identify the testing tool as per your needs and financial plan.
  • Secondly, based on the technology used for your application/product, you need to select the tool best suiting it.

Prior exercise and homework is mandatory to get the desired results and profits.

Automation TestingWhat is Automation Testing ?

Automation Testing is simply an automated version of the manual testing process presently in use. This type of testing is the use of plans, tools and things that increase or decrease the necessity of manual or human intervention.  Put simple, it is a procedure in which software tools implement pre-scripted trials on a software application before it is released into creation.

Plainly, such a procedure takes account of the following things:

  • Comprehensive test scripts, as well as anticipated expected outcomes established from industry functional specifications and design documentation
  • Also, it takes in a separate test setting, together with a test database that is restorable to a recognised constant, such that the test scripts can be repeated each time there are alterations made to the application/product.

We had earlier automated Unit Testing in our blog earlier. Do have a look.

Standards for building framework and does the selected tool for Automation Testing offer up to the mark results?

To automate any product or an application, the following factors must be well-thought-out.

  • Data driven competences must be along with database authentication
  • Fixing and sorting capabilities must be present
  • Platform individuality
  • Customizability factor
  • The type must be control friendly
  • It must be able to support unattended test trials
  • Study of various systems and communication method must be done.

Develop the framework and select the tool based on the factors given above and the circumstances.

As we all know that, an automated testing tool is capable of replaying recorded and predefined test cases and compares the results to the predictable action and report the victory or fiasco of manual test cases to the testers. These generated automated test cases can simply be repeated and they can be stretched to complete responsibilities difficult with manual testing. Because of this, savvy managers have found that automated software testing is an essential component of successful development projects. For all these reasons, automated testing has definitely become an integral part of software development life cycle. On the other hand, the only downside of automated testing being that it is said to be too costly or challenging for smaller companies to implement every so often.

Automation Testing is considered important for small as well as big firms to implement with the intention of providing exceptional software or an application. However, it is somewhat tough to get started to stand out from the counterparts and stay competitive in the industry. Drawing an operative plan, constructing strong frameworks, picking out the correct tools, and evaluating the possible financial effect that automation possibly will have on your delivery lifecycle is necessary to think over. Prior to the start of any fruitful automated testing line of attack this exercise is necessary; on the other hand, each phase presents its individual trials and expenses.

Select the right tool and get a seamless application or a product. Leverage the mentioned things to help your team members and managers and get the desired results.

Significance of Automation Testing Tools – Are they worth the hype?

Automation Testing is simply executed when the manual testing procedure is not able to meet prospects and when it becomes impossible to bring in additional testers. Now, let us understand the myriad benefits that automated testing have to offer. The various benefits are as follows:

  • The precious time of the testers get saved, mainly when carrying out regression testing.
  • Even the most careful and meticulous tester can make errors in the course of repetitive manual testing. But automated testing allows the test cases to perform the similar stages specifically every time they are accomplished in providing complete results
  • It also lets timely bug finding with an improvement in the quality of manual test cases.
  • Also, the test cases prepared by the automated tools can be used for future purposes as and when the need appears.
  • The test trials can be scheduled without any human intervention and you will get the required test cases or results.
  • With distributed test implementation, automate testing test cases can be simply accomplished on multiple laptops/desktops on a shared network or server at the same time
  • Each and every test case can be followed easily covering all the scenarios.
  • The process is really fast, easy, well-organized and precise which in turn improves return on investment.
  • In a nutshell, automate testing definitely saves a lot of time with an effective use of resources. With so many advantages, automated testing is certainly the finest approach to grasp testing objectives. Case in point, it is a mean to quality testing.

These are some of the key benefits as a single procedure is adapted during the course of the software or application building. This makes the job hassle free and much easier.

However, there are few pitfalls too; if automated testing is not done in the manner it should be done. Inappropriately, a lot of people slip-up test automation with testing. As soon as they select the tools to automate the testing, they want to automate all the test trials and want to throw out testers. It is an assessment use for sure. To get effective results you need domain information and must be able to learn the performance of the application in no time. You must be able to put on appropriate test methods to be able to spot inconsistencies in any application or software. It is all about using your expertise along with the selected tool performance in an appropriate manner. Though it has its share of ups and downs, still it is adapted extensively in the whole world. Also, it is recommended that firms must stay updated about testing upcoming developments to reap a lot of benefits.  They just need to add the validations linked to the developments to the current base structure and can keep going.


We all have seen the various advantages and the significance of testing and test automation across myriad domains. It is definitely an integral part of software development as it accelerates the process and the application/product can be launched in a smooth manner with practically no faults. For all the benefits which it has to offer it has slowly but surely gained popularity with more recognition and prominence in the software industry. On the other hand, it should be done in the approved manner to avail its profits advantages which would prove advantageous to the project and organization. One thing which must be kept in mind is that it is a leeway of human intelligence. Hence, it must be applied with care by observing and evaluating the product/application closely and sensibly. This is necessary to get the desired results. As a result, planning and choosing effectively is the key to meet the testing requirements as per the need and the selected tool.

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