Low-code development platform : When to go for it ?

What is a Low-code development platform?

A low-code development platform – LCDP consists of rapid application development tools. It is an environment where software applications are built using Graphical User Interface – GUI; drag and drop instead of the traditional computer programming methods.

Low-code development platform

When to go for a Low-code development platform?

If you are looking for digital transformation, building mobile apps at a high pace, and want to deliver quality apps then certain, you should go for a Low-code development platform. Along with workplace innovation, unleash the problem-solving abilities of your team. If cost and highly qualified programmers is your concern then LCDP can be of great help.

Is the Low-code development platform reliable?

A prediction about the global market of Low-code development is that it is likely to reach 53 billion USD by year 2024. The market growth is clearly due to the increase in mobile app users across the globe.

Industries like Automotive, Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance, Government, Energy, IT, Education, Telecom, Manufacturing, Media, Healthcare, Logistics, Retail, Research, and eCommerce prefer Low-code development platform. They trust these LCD development tools to maintain sensitive data.

These sectors and SMEs are keen on growth currently, they will witness faster growth compared to organizations using traditional development methods.

Uniqueness and benefits of Low-code development platform
  • Faster development and release of apps
  • Get rid of complexities of development with drag and drop model
  • Adapt to newer styles of programming to create business-specific applications
  • In order to meet specifications, you can shift to traditional programming for selective features
  • Develop model-driven login to solve business problems with simplicity
  • Inexperienced developers can also create secured applications on Low-code development platform
  • Create a simple user interface that throws back data without much complicated processing
  • Reduced hiring costs, and team management expenses
  • Lower infrastructure costs and project management costs
  • Improves operational efficiency and streamline business processes
  • Interpret business data stored in raw form e.g.
  • Provide customized experience to customers
  • Adds to teams abilities to deliver in time and meet maximum requirements
  • Developers experience the freedom to experiment without losing much time and efforts
  • Divert the investments and development experts to projects with higher returns
  • LCDP works better towards visibility for management if you have your data on the cloud
  • Restrict the data access and manage permissions of critical data to ensure no data oversight
  • Workflow smoothens with due to step by step approach and inclusion of approvals at various stages in the app as required by the client
  • Unstructured activities can be coded using LCD tools
  • Brings consistency and clearly structured process that enhances the performance of department
  • The immediate benefit to organizations that have less manpower and need simpler systems
Threats to Low-code development platform:
  • Dependency on Low Code Development tools
  • Techniques used to combine the LCD and coding
  • LCD is a comparatively new method of developing software
  • Lack of visibility or misuse of permissions
  • Applications built using LCD can connect to multiple systems and data sources adding risks of security
  • Security audit of LCD tools is third party dependent
  • Low-Code Development Platform is confined with the capacity of LCD tools
  • Designing of apps especially using inexperienced developers is difficult hence requires the involvement of concerned departments for specs
  • Approach towards the business process if re-routed can add to complexities
  • Inbuilt reporting features of Low- Code Development Platforms do not suffice the needs of organizations
  • App integration requires extensive coding
  • Tracking return packages of the application can be challenging
  • Migrating systems will need support from LCDP to let us generate code in selected programming languages and even recompile applications
  • Futuristic benefits have a higher dependency on the planning committee
  • Application accuracy depends on proper execution and interpretation of customer requirements using LCD
  • Scalability if not considered while building applications can impact the business and redevelopment costs of applications
Features of Various Low-Code Development Platforms Software
  • Drag and Drop Visual Interface
  • Form Builder
  • Pre-built templates
  • Process Work Flow Modeling
  • Easily customizable
  • Access Control/ Permissions
  • Collaboration Tools
  • No-code mobile/software/ web app development
  • Data Modeling
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Easy App Integration and Deployment

How to select Low-Code Development Platforms that suits your organization?

Check the features, reviews, popularity, pricing, and easy to use, as the ultimate goal is better quality application development with minimum efforts and costs. Other important factors like testing of apps creating with LCD, its integration and assessment.

Ensure if it is a versatile platform for small and huge projects. Will the features benefit the organization in the long run? If it can meet organizational needs, can it sustain the burden of ever-increasing size and complexity of data and applications? Will it help to automate business processes or create unique solutions.

Comparison of Low-Code Development Platforms:

LCDPSupportsBusinessFree TrialPrice
The File Maker Platform
Cloud, On-Premise, iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, WebSmall Medium EnterpriseYes15 USD per user/month
Cloud, iOS, AndroidSmall Medium LargeYes9 USD per user/month
Salesforce Lightning
Windows, Mac, WebSmall Medium LargeYes25 USD per user/month
Zoho Creator
Cloud, Android, iOS, TabletSmall Medium LargeYes10 USD per user/month
Windows, Linux,Android, iPhone,Windows Phone, WebMedium LargeFree1875 USD per app/month
Visual Lansa
Windows, IBMi, Linux, Mobile devices, Cloud, On-premiseSmall Medium LargeYes8.34 USD per user/month
Windows, Mac, Linux, UNIX, CloudSmall Medium LargeYes90 USD per user/ month
iOS , Android, Cloud,Windows, Web,Small MediumYes1500 USD per month
AuraQuantic https://www.auraquantic.com/Android, iPhone, iPad, CloudSmall Medium LargeYesFree trial: NO
Price: $12.50 named/month.
Windows, Web,Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobile, CloudSmall Medium LargeYes311 USD per user/per year

Low-code development platform increases accessibility, flexibility, and ease of programming leads to the persistent market demand of LCDP. Empower the professionals with the latest tools to create exceptional solutions and see the change.

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