Parallax Effect or Parallax Scrolling

Parallax Effect or Parallax Scrolling

Introduction to Parallax Effect

The effect when multi-layers foreground, middle and background move with varying speeds. As a result there is a sense of depth. Parallax effect has been used in animation [1920s] and video games [1980s]. this effect gave the viewer an illusionary visual experience. Parallax effect gave rise to Parallax scrolling known as layered motion. It was first used in web designing in 2011. Parallax scrolling has allowed shifting of focus, opacity, videos, animations, and multi-directional journeys. Thus the visitors to the website having parallax enjoy the enhanced experience.

What is Parallax Scrolling?

Parallax scrolling is a computer graphics/web design technique. The background images are slowly moved with camera over the foreground images. Hence there is an illusion in 2-D scene. This is possible using various methods.

Layer method uses multi-layers scrolled independently horizontally and vertically for composition over one another. This can be replicated with multi-plane camera. Layer method is for writing games. One layer position is exchangeable at varying amounts in same direction. Layer method needs displaying system supporting it.

Sprite method uses many hidden layers. The controls are separately used as moving objects. When displaying system supports a viewer can enjoy Star Force and others. The Amiga computer supports sprites and allows Risky Woods on sprites multiplexed Amiga.

Repeating pattern and animation method require display for separate titles as floating objects. These are used over the background. The animation of the tiles causes the coloring that can be used for animating the full screen. There is an illusion effect of a separate hardware layer. Several games use parallax effect such as the Parallax by Sensible Software.

Raster method is when image lines of pixels are usually created. They are also refreshed from top to bottom order with a short delay known as horizontal blanking interval. This method was used in video games and TV games. This method provides the illusion of several layers.


Parallax can slow the browser in a major way. This occurs especially when the browser is out of date. Hence it is very important to know the visitors or audience from beforehand. These sites have a disadvantage in their performance. They are like the black hole. Browsers depend on the direction of the scrolling and the appearance of the fresh content. Generally, it functions best with minimal changes. A parallax site always has huge visual elements spread over the page that makes the browser to reload the page.

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