SAFe – Scaled Agile Framework

To carry out software development work, we use Scaled Agile Framework which is also known as SAFe. Most software development teams use scaled agile in order to boost the work quality, quantity, speed and productivity. Scaled agile and its whole framework is divided into three patterns; Team, Program and Portfolio.


Why one should use SAFe?

Scaled agile is an advanced method that is used in software development that overcomes many obstacles between the team. Here are few reasons why you must use scaled agile:

  • Scaled agile is simple, lighter and easy to use yet it gives immense efficiency and can expand as per use.
  • It enhances the level of productivity by 20-50{837330d4a8ef7eefea6ad76a2e6c839eeae477cba1366427bd0e21e978eaa9aa} and that is why it is given prominence.
  • Scaled Agile also enhances the level of quality by up to 50{837330d4a8ef7eefea6ad76a2e6c839eeae477cba1366427bd0e21e978eaa9aa} and more. Such benefits are rarely available in other agile frameworks.
  • It also enhances job productivity and job satisfaction. The major role of agile framework is to create a balance between the teams that are opting different fields but have the same goal.

When is the need to use SAFe?

We basically use scaled agile when the team is working independently. The other reason is quite similar like when the team is working on different aspects of agile implementation. However, they are facing constant and severe obstructions and obstacles then we use agile framework. While working on a large board we use scaled agile as it synchronizes the whole team into and brings them on one board. The other important reason is rise in productivity and quality of work.

Advantages of SAFe:

Scaled Agile offers many advantages for users and some of them are mentioned below.

  • Scaled agile is available for free and is very approachable and easy to implement.
  • The framework is in usable form and is easy to implement without much complexions.
  • Scaled agile is more practical and specific rather than being complex. User knows where to implement it and how to implement it.
  • It offers complete picture of software development which makes it easier for the developer.
  • Scaled Agile promotes transparency at all levels making it more suitable for teams.
  • Apart from this, scaled agile constantly evolves itself making it more robust day by day to ensure efficiency and quality.

Like every other software framework, scaled agile has various reasons to be criticized. The over simplified way of approach makes it mediocre for the developers. The one size fit all approach also portrays the feeling that everything is ok and nothing needs to be changed whereas change is the constant phenomenon. These reasons yet are nothing compared to its advantages. One can say that presently agile holds high ground and is suitable for use.

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