Do You Know What Your Customer Wants?

Every business knows what Client is going to buy from them. Do they know what Client wants from what they are buying? Many Businesses thrive to address Client needs and succeed to certain extent as well.

Nowadays when Products and Services are commoditised, businesses should focus on Customer Experience. While doing that, addressing needs is not sufficient. They should go an extra mile to understand implicit Customer wants. If they know what Clients are actually looking for, then only they can come up with action items to address them. Apparently, Disney has done it well using their Guestology.

We have conducted a small exercise to identify our Customer Wants and how Clients see us. Here are some of the activities we did:



– Define “Day in Life” of our Client: We have team members working with different Clients. Everyone came up with “Day in life” of Client. It was a fun filled interactive activity which our team enjoyed. It was amazing to understand intricate details through day to day interactions.

– Demographic Information: We created a matrix with Client’s Demographic information and few relevant facts. This was a trivial activity with some data entry and visualizations.

– Understand Client Feedback: We regularly collect our Client’s feedback. However we could gain many insights during regular communication than formal feedbacks. Good listening ears gave better insights.

– Understand Combustion Points: We define Combustion point as activities or circumstances which upset our Clients. Every Client is different and so their Combustion points. Everything cannot run perfectly for every Client. There are certain lapses where processes break.

  • We identified “what matters most” for every Client.
  • We have also identified instances “what Client does not like at all”.
  • It is evident if UI matters most to someone, then he might not tolerate slightest lapses at UI level.
  • If code quality matters most then he might get upset if someone does not follow coding standards.
  • Ideally our team should pay attention to every aspect of Software Quality and they do.
  • These combustion points helped us to calibrate our quality assurance scale.
  • Each dimension cannot have equal weightage for every Client or assignment.

– Integration: We thenintegrated all the data we could gather from this activity. We tried various visualizations and representation of the same data.

– Customise Delivery process for every Customer: Based on pointers identified through this activity, we have aligned delivery process for every Client. We have also come up with a check list of Do’s and Don’ts for every Client.

We repeat this activity every quarter and refine our data and processes. I believe this is an art and science to understand different personalities, assignments and cater to everyone’s expectation. We are still evolving our processes and systems by studying our Clients and proven frameworks by market leaders like Disney.

I would love to hear your insights on optimising Customer Experience. Please feel free to comment or email me your thoughts.

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About AnAr Solutions: We are Customer Focused IT Solutions Provider based in Pune, India.

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